I'm more active in my FB fanpage: Mama Chak's Recipe.. So find updates there.. No, I'm not abandoning this blogspot altogether.. It just that I could not find the time to write!! *cries*.. Menu & Price List is still valid.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Haha... topicnya teruja... Sbb memang banyak yang mengujakan.. It all started with Emilya and Faizal's wedding.. Dah la hantaran masa depa tunang dulu, I buat for both sides.. So, this time around Emilya requested for a square fondant cake as the hantaran nikah.. (ceritanya sungguh lawak.. sbb tema warnanya bertukar di saat2 akhir dari peach ke merah putih..).. and Faizal requested a mix and match with white and silver theme.. (he actually changed his mind from mini cuppies, to fondant and at last had to agree to mix and match sbb dah last minute sangat2).. but I do remember that kalau mix and match macam lebih kurang ngan hantaran masa tunang.. So, since he left everything to me, I made him a stacked mix and match hantaran.. Nak tergelak sbnrnya sbb, I kinda decided on this at the last minute too (that was while I was decorating their 600 door gifts with E&F initials.. I'm glad to know that both bride and groom were happy with their cakes.. And due to this project, Nurin made me promise not to accept orders for more than 250 doorgifts. The next day, Shaza texted to order 700 cuppies... Sungguh teruja gue! Sorry ya Shaza that I had to turn you down. And the next three days pulak Ija called and kinda 'ayat' me to do 250 for the 31st and another 250 on the 1st... Sabar je lah Ija... I guess that is my update for now.. I've to rush for my gynae's apptm.. Baru 4.5 mths now.. but I feel so 6 mths already.. Till then everyone.. Thanks for still having faith in me despite the fact that I have not been updating my blog..

and oh.. the one in the box tu is a 5 mini cupcakes for the groom's side..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

wrt blogging

aduhai... ampun maaf diminta.. So many things happened.. penat nak cerita.. Apart from the pregnancy story you must have guessed from my previous entry, then orang pecah masuk rumah and stole laptops, handphone, camera etc, and my recent getaway for my 15th years wedding anniversary this year! tu yang tak jenguk2 my blog ni...

memang 1st trimester I am always sooooo lazy to do just about anything.. I am truly praying that this would just be a phase, like my previous pregnancies. Dulu, nak angkat telefon pun malas.. SubhanAllah..

then the stolen handphone is seriously a disaster to me,... as I keep all and I mean ALL orders in the phone calendar,. segala contact, segala details... huhu... A blessing in disguise that I didn't take many orders due to my condition, so I kinda remembered who ordered, and seriously PRAY that the person would call! Hahaha! and they did! Alhamdulillah... (though seram sejuk aje bila nampak orang park kereta depan rumah... takut depa nak amik cake, but NO cake!) Tapi, sapa2 yang order in November and December via text message and phone calls earlier... pls call me...just in case I tak ingat

Alhamdulillah, the thieves didn't see my working camera, and Alhamdulillah sangat2 that all the pics were not transferred yet to the stolen laptop.. so, masih ada lagi pix for my resume.. :-D.. and we are very very blessed that the thieves already found the goods, that they did not knock on our doors,.. Alhamdulillah..

Till then everyone... I am not sure yet when to upload the pics... depending on the mood swings I suppose.. hopefully not for long kan... amin..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Errr... not yet

I had a truly hmmm tiring week. Apart from decorating more than 1000 cuppies for Shasha's wedding reception (Mama Charq Jedi's daughter), I baked a few cakes and cuppies myself.. cari makan.. LOL.. Oh.. the 1000 cuppies tu tolong menolong aje.. balas jasa orang yang ajar kita buat cake kan.. I am in my lazy mood to do just anything.. nak laze around aje rasanya.. but my days have been planned since last week already.. so, tomorrow, dah start sibuk again.. Sepatutnya, (ceh sepatutnya..) smlm or hari ni, buat la kerja2 blogging ni.. upload gambar.. etc.. tapi, tidur aje! Tambah pulak sekarang ni tengah loya2 aje.. lagi la mim alif lam sin.. \If time permits, I shall do some posting tomorrow. My WiFi pun satu hal.. macam biskut.. nak check emails pun slow.. tertidur-tidur. Just to let you know, character cakes slot dah full, edible images slot pun dah full. I collect edible images on Wednesdays or Thursdays.. So, tadi dah submit orders to Arie.. Even though Arie is very accomodating in terms of entertaining last minute orders, I tak suka la susah2 kan dia selalu... kan? So, no cake pics today.. InsyaAllah esok yah..

Friday, October 9, 2009

For a make-up artist

Kak Safiah ordered this through her sister, who is also my neighbour, Aunty Abrizah. I remember that I also did a make-up bag a few days after this cake alongside with girly fondant cuppies... Lamanya tunggu Zarina to send me the pics... Zarina balas dendam ya? Sbb Zarina lama tunggu I buat the fondant toppers. Alhamdulillah Zarina's hubby was so sporting despite he had to wait in the car for me to complete my job. I like that project, but I tak sempat nak snap the pics since Zarina dah tunggu lama...

btw, esok I busy tau... so, if anything urgent, ples call or text me...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Senjeev's Retro Cuppies

Sungguh! Asal orang tanya I, design apa ye for men? I would always suggest retro. Selamat gitu. Orang perempuan pun suka jugak dapat retro cuppies. We are not all that lovey dovey or sweet and pastel.. hello? I would introduce stripes and polka-dots in future. I am actually excited with a fondant hantaran this week, that requested polka-dots or stripes (haven't decided yet).. An english design. Seriously, I agreed to it just because it is different, and it is something I'd like to add to my resume.. I'm so excited! (FYI, I need to have this 'excited' feeling when baking or decorating - baru menjadi gitu.. that's why I chose the tag line - Mama Chak's Recipe - where every bake is personal.. so don't cross the baker.. haha!)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bowling Team

Mama Chak's Recipe's cupcakes are suitable for anyoccasion... even for a bowling tournament.. Heh heh.. Sebenarnya tak perlu occasion to eat my cuppies.. These cuppies were ordered by Liza, Wawa's colleague.. Segerombolan rombongan Cik Kiah datang to collect this cuppies. It was a pity that they came during lunch time and I am always on my toes come lunch.. or they could have stayed longer and chit chat.. To Liza and Wawa, thanks...!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Heida & Farid's 6th Anniversary

Sebenarnya Heida tergoda dengan design on my Hari Raya cake. She wanted a pink and purple design also for her 6th Anniversary cum 33rd birthday celebration. She also insisted to have a ketupat design on some of the cuppies. It was a last minute order, as it was a last minute decision to throw the party. Heida could not wait to see the set, and requested me to mms her or post on my fb.. boleh? somehow mms tak jalan - entah kenapa.. and I tak sempat nak post on fb sebab lari2 lepas tu pegi open house. I'm glad to receive positive feedback from Heida.. Thanks Heida for your faith and loyalty. Happy 6th Anniversary!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

From Redmummy to Nuffnang Team

I am still tired today despite the fact I took extra time to sleep after I sent Dania to school this morning. Woke up again at 920 am, ( I think) and got Juriah to massage my legs and feet. It was totally a busy weekend. Starting from Thursday, right until Sunday. With last minute orders that I find hard to say NO to, plus the pujuk rayu from my loyal and first time customers, and my mind figurring out whether to accept or reject the order. Nanti reject, takut esok lusa Tuhan tak bagi rezeki dah.. Tapi for this Friday and Saturday, I am already pretty occupied. Mama Charq Jedi's daughter is tying the knot this Saturday, and I shall be helping with cuppies decorating on Friday. I have accepted a few orders takat I larat buat. I may accept another 1 or 2 orders - simple ones can lah... like the retro, floral, lovey dovey or kiddy designs. But fondant hantaran and character cakes slots are already taken up. Jangan merajuk ya kepada yang call and texted.. sorry sangat2 I decided to start this week's entry with this Hari Raya cuppies ordered by the famous celebrity blogger. Why? Cuppies nye merah... bagi semangat sikit kat gue yang masih penat sebetulnya.. Cuppies were dedicated for the Nuffnang team. I was told by Red that Nuffnang twitted the red cuppies the moment they received them. Thanks Red for the order.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Untuk Mama

Lama tak upload gambar-gambar kek biasa. Asyik2 hantaran, wedding cakes, hantaran... .. Cupcakes pun lama tak upload kan? ala.. design dulu kala la... tak sempat nak perah otak for new designs.. So, today, I nak post gambar kek biasa... My ex-colleague ordered this for his wife's birthday. Alhamdulillah Zubir ada to send this to Mes1niaga. I kadang2 press my luck aje to get Zubir. To Satar, thanks so much for your loyalty to Mama Chak's Recipe, walaupun kat office tu dah ada pelapis2 gue yang semakin terer. Terima kasih daun keladi. (apasal la tak nampak option to change font to verdana... ?)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kisah Aliya...

Ingat Aliya? Refresh memory here.. Sebenarnya Aliya tak serah diri macam tu aja... Asalnya, she ordered a hantaran fondant as a gift for her BFF - Emey Shafina. She came to collect the cake with Emey, but Emey had to go somewhere else after that. So, she had to wait for Bahri to fetch her after Friday prayers. It was like God sent! She helped me cut the cake board for Izu's hantaran, fold boxes and even babysat Hannah! Then I got her to call Bahri asking him to fetch her after work.. I lah ayat dia... sian Bahri kerja kat Jalan Sultan Ismail kena datang amik Aliya lunch time.. dah tu bukan pegi mana pun.. lepak kat ofis Bahri aje.. KAH KAH KAH! My hidden agenda! So, Bahri agreed. Macam2 Aliya buat... dan macam2 benda terjadi in 1 day. I am grateful that Aliya is cool with the 'mishap'. She is one cool girl! She is also cool with the lunch spread at my house. Truly! Having lunch at my house is not like lunch at any typical Malaysian household.. Betul...

Back to Aliya's story... After lunch, we started with Shaza's doorgift.. I am truly impressed with Aliya.. That was the first time she held a spatula! And to spread buttercream on a cupcake is not as simple as it looks.. My words to her: Takpe.. yang mana tak jadi tu, nanti I touch up.. Anyways, Shaza and Yuzi came over after that and Aliya helped packed the doorgifts! After all was done, we had Juriah prepare us tea.. the tea leaves brought all the way from her home town at Jawa Tengah! She had to boil it first.. Truly organic! And Aliya named it teh ganja... asyik hooked on it aje.. We had some packed for her to serve Bahri..

Aliya dear... I shall remember that day forever! Thank you so so much for your help! xoxo

Asyik cerita pasal kejadian hari itu saja.. lupa nak cerita pasal kek ni.. Kek hantaran ni Aliya nak special.. tak nak bunga2an biasa yang I selalu beli tu.. So, I got someone to do the flowers for me.. If you want to have this kind of roses, it is RM5 per piece.. Up to you, nak berapa pcs.. Aliya nak penuh kek.. Around 17 pcs kot I guna.. (tu la - upload lambat lagi... kan dah tak ingat). I tak pandai buat bunga ni.. Masa nak letakkan dia atas kek, punya la takut! They are so heavy and so the pretty!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

3-tier pink kaler wedding cake

My only son (so far), Iskandar, age 2+ only knows the word pink... or in exact words... pink kaler.. biru pun dia kata pink kaler.. kuning pun pink kaler... dunno where he picked that up.. This 3-tier pink kaler themed wedding cake was ordered by Nana for the her cousin's wedding reception... Flavor is carrot cake... Mujur majlis kat Shah Alam.. Nana collected the cakes ard 10am. So, sempat la the cakes thaw for the majlis potong cake... Nana pun dah expert susun2 cake nih.. Thanks Nana for thinking of me everytime! xoxo..

Monday, September 28, 2009

Doraemon Cuppies

I have actually done Doraemon cuppies dulu kala.. tatkala my bestfriend sekolah rendah, Ainain Meskam ordered them for her brother's wedding.. Sayang I could not find the picture to upload. You see, Ain and I lost touch when my dad was transferred to Kelantan. As a government officer, my dad kena transfer here and there.. 1981-1988, I sekolah kat Sekolah Kebangsaan Ampangan, Seremban before I was transferred to Sekolah Kebangsaan Kota, Kelantan. Ain's mom makes the best nasi lemak.. I still remember her tupperware... orange kaler.. and I lah yang ngap sekali her nasi lemak time recess.. Err my food was lousy... roti ngan jam... apa kelas! I still remember her face everytime 1 sudu masuk dalam mulut I.. Sian Ain! And how Ain found me? Thru this blog!!! Cool tak? Alhamdulillah. However, this one was ordered by Chiew Yoong for her friends. Thanks Chiew Yoong! It was nice to finally meet you after a few orders.. :-) To my BFF, tak sangka jumpa... xoxo

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Upin & Ipin

Budak2 memang suka Upin & Ipin... I jarang tengok this local animated tv program. Honestly, I jarang tengok TV nowadays.. I do have my favourite tv series though, but I watch them on DVD, like Heroes, Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives.. So, if ever hubby had to go to JB for work, I would text him a list of tv-series and movies that we would like to watch... and siapla lepas tu.. marathon la kami.. A good thing about it is that, I am not tied up every Wednesday or Tuesday to watch.. Bad thing about it.. errr... why think of the bad thing? :-D Anyways, I (not my kids) was introduced to Upin and Ipin on one of hubby's business trip to JB.. and cerita ni memang kelakar.. betul betul betul.. Semoga industri animasi negara bertambah maju..

To Lieza CSA, thanks for orderring this piece.. ada jugak Upin and Ipin in my resume... and as usual edible image tu diambil dari

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mikail is now 7

I would know the age of my blog, everytime Mikail's aunt, Kak Zaida calls me to order a cake.. and despite my heavy schedule or even if it is last minute, I would accept this order with open heart... Memang last minute gila... or else I would have ordered an edible image for the Manchester United logo. Mujurlah lukisan gue tidak ke laut.. and Alhamdulillah customer gue yang sorang ni tak fussy... and sentiasa supportive... Thank you Kak Zaida! Love you lots!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mix and Match Barbie Pegasus

For Elysa's 3rd birthday celebration, Juliana ordered the Mix and Match set, with Barbie's edible image on the cake. Kebetulan, I had a few edible images orders that week, so I got Arie to help me print the Barbie in 2" cupcakes size on the rest of the edible images empty spaces. So, dapatlah Elysa Barbie Pegasus images on cupcakes for free.. :-)

To Juliana, thank you! and Elysa, Many happy returns everyday!

Edible image source:

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hotwheels for Afiq and Tok Bak

Iskandar suka gila Hotwheels.. mana taknya, cik abang gue tu, pantang nampak Hotwheels mesti nak beli kat Iskandar.. mentang-mentanglah he is our only boy (for now).. And I notice that Iskandar has a habit to bring along at least 1 toy with him everytime he goes out... even just for a short trip to fetch his sister from school.

When Mimi texted that she wanted a Hotwheels for Afiq, I got her to send me the pix. Ada macam2 hotwheels kan... anyways... last2 sekali I yang pilih the pix as the pix she sent tak cukup size. Alhamdulillah for Mimi's faith in me. Thank you sister! FYI, min size for edible print requested by Arie is 300KB or more than 1000 pixels in order to get a good quality print. Edible print source:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Red Thank You for Redmummy..

Seriously! Sapa tak kenal celebrity blogger: Redmummy? As for me, it all started when Aliya ordered a set of cupcakes for redmummy's belated birthday. Red was so happy about it and published it on her blog... Aliya told me to check it out the next day.. Honestly, I didn't.. Aliya gave me a sort of warning text message... sounded like this... "get ready to accept orders". True enough, the very next day, I was answerring phone calls, emails and text messages from redmummy's readers...

Alhamdulillah... So, as a token of appreciation, I prepared this RED gift basket with RED Thank you cupcakes for REDMUMMY.. Semoga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki.. Amin.. To, Red, I do hope you win the 'Best Parenting Blog' in the Asia Pacific Blog Award. Too bad our schedule clashed on the 19th.. I missed the oppurtunity to meet you in person. InsyaAllah, panjang umur kita jumpa ya... And, to Ayu - Sarjan Paku3.. Thanks much for helping me send the basket to Red.. jasamu dikenang...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A white and silver wedding

The original order was just cake and cupcakes.. Agak pening jugak pada asalnya... sebab I liased with Shahrin.. and bukan Shahrin nak kawin.. He ordered for his friend, Noraidah... So, I ingat Noraidah la nak kawin... Anyways... on the day Noraidah's brother collected the cakes, I pun sms Noraidah to congratulate dia and enjoy her honeymoon. Rupa2nya bukan dia yang kawin.. LOL.. Cousin dia yang kawin..

The theme was white and silver... Honestly, macam kawan baik silver, gold, susahnya hati I when Noraidah sent me samples of fondant cake yang dia nak.. Ada one picca yang dia hantar tu, sebijik dengan gambar yang Shaza hantar. So, I pun tunjuk la gambar hantaran Shaza, and she agreed with some changes to the color scheme, of course.

To the bride and groom, semoga sampai ke syurga

Monday, September 14, 2009

Shaza's Hantaran

Not for her! For her brother. And Shaza provided a few designs for me to follow. I buat yang mana I rasa I can do la and I altered a bit here and there.. hik hik

Shaza lives nearby my house.. Whenever she comes by to collect cakes, I would be so anxious to see her outfit. Just thinking of it makes me smile.. Shaza..Shaza.. Ni memang post lama.. Sbb a week after that Shaza ordered doorgifts.. Doorgifts ni dia collect on hari kelam kabut I tu, hari Aliya datang serah diri tolong I. Hehehe... Like Izu's parents, Shaza also watched me in action, and I gave her free cupcake decorating and packaging lesson... Cool tak? (konon la.. nak kata apa lagi dah..)

Shaza, 19hb nanti nak pakai baju apa??

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mocha Gold hantaran

This was ordered by Nana on behalf of her cousin. The theme was mocha and gold. I seriously ingat she wanted cupcakes, and I yo yo prepared brown roses... Ropa2nya she wanted cake. Since I don't do big flowers (yet), I suggested white roses with gold trimmings. I excluded green leaves, so that we totally get the mocha and gold effect. Berlari2 jugak I to Mama Charq Jedi's house and got her to help me with the gold ribbons. Hik hik... And I am glad to know that everyone loved it

Photo courtesy of Nana Arshad.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

English Garden Hantaran

Remember tak akak yang sentiasa ceria? Kak Liza... err yang call I 18kali masa I terpengsan tu.. Anyways, she called me just a few days before I pergi cuti2 Malaysia and requested me to do her brother's merisik cuppies.. Siap hantar gambar from hey, cupcakes~! lagi. Memang cantik Hey, Cupcakes~!'s creations.. I like.. However, this was the outcome yang I buat. Nak tiru sebijik sebijon tuan punya design susah sikit la.. Azura tu terer.. I am glad to know that Kak Liza rated this cuppies a Perfect10!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Mysa

Mimi told me that her daughter Mysa watched AFC, or was it Travel & Living, whereby the chef baked a choc cake and frost the cake with white choc ganache. I tak pandai buat yang tu.. so, I suggested to Mimi a choc cake with white choc scrape on top. Mimi OK aje.. She talked her daughter into my idea, and walla! When I texted Mimi for feedback, she said Mysa was thrilled when she saw the cake.. To Mysa, Happy Birthday! To Mimi, I am touched by your support. THANK YOU.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lightning McQueen

Husna called me to order a Lightning McQueen cake for her son, Shareef Anis. She asked to see a sample of the cake, but there was none in my collection. I have baked Lightning McQueen cakes before, but I did not upload the picture.. My bad! The one in this blog was actually hand-drawn. At that time, I could not find a shop that could rent the Lightning McQueen tin... And yes.. I use a special tin to bake the character cakes yah.. Only sometimes I cut the cake to shape, like the No 1 cake, the ship cake or the aeroplane cake (yet to be uploaded.)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tiny Silver Dragee

Uwaaa!! I spilled the tiny silver dragee... the glitter to be used for the mercun design for the raya collection. Doinks.. Tarik2 laci aje, nampak dah tumpah. And when I checked out BWY the other day, the silver dragee tidak kelihatan. Ada gold dragee pulak. (Dulu gold dragee out of stock for quite a while)... Anyways, maka dengan itu, the tiny silver dragee shall be replaced with colorful bulan bintang sprinkles yah.. To those who have place their orders, thank you very much. I still have a few slots - order tak tutup lagi. :-D

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Standing Barbie in green and White Gown

Whenever there is a request for a Standing Barbie, I would usually get Mama Charq Jedi to do them, despite the fact I had attended a class with Mr Hau.. Mr Hau bukannya pakai Barbie, but doll... Doll yang main pacak jer.. so senang lah... (senang pun tak senang lah kan... senang cakap). And kaki Barbie kan panjang, so we need to bake 2.5kg butter cake or 2 kg choc moist, so that the cake covers up till the waist.

However, in the month of Ramadhan, Mama Charq Jedi is busy making Benji, and does not entertain character cakes. So, she gave me her tins(as usual... I selalu pinjam stuffs ngan Mama Charq aje, God Bless Mama Charq), and some pointers on how to stick the Barbie in.. She told me that she would come to help me stick the Barbie once I have decorated the skirt..

Tapi, I punya la malu ngan Mama Charq sbb my work was not as supperb as hers, so, I stucked the Barbie myself... (malu kat cikgu!). And here is the outcome of my first Standing Barbie cake.. And now, I look forward to do another one next week... Macam ketagih pulak... plus the fact that I can undress, twist and turn the Barbie around, I so like!

This green and white Barbie along with Disney Princess mocha cupcakes were sent to Kak Nisa's niece who is staying in Kota Damansara. Seriously, Kak Nisa, is a role model to me.. She would make a point to send cakes and cards to her beloved ones on their birthday or any special day no matter where she is.. Ooh... I heard she is back in KL now with a little one in the tummy! Congrats Kak Nisa! Take care and thanks much! xoxo!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Cake kampung?

When Zubaidah requested a fondant cake for her wedding, I was more than delighted to do so even when I knew pretty well that I would not sleep that night. She is a good friend of mine and I am honoured to be part of her big day... But the challenge was, "Shaz, aku tak nak cake kampung".. Doinks!... Define Kampung please! She didn't answer me.. So, my aim was to make a non-kampung cake.. and when I showed the cake to Zubaidah, she was SOOOOO happy... and I was SOOOO happy too! I passed with flying colors! Cake pekan kah ini? To Zubaidah, Congratulations darling!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

52 tahun sudah

Dah 52 tahun kita Merdeka.. Honestly, to me, kemeriahan tahun ni tak terasa sangat. Mungkin sebab kita sambut merdeka dalam bulan puasa.. Then again , I tak nampak pun bendera Malaysia kat tiang2 lampu when we drove around that day... Bendera pun puasa rupanya.. Kat kereta2 pun kurang bendera2 comel tu.. I pun tak agree sangat with the bendera kecil tu. Bukan apa, bila dah terbang, jatuh ke jalan raya, kita langgar dia... then kena hujan, kena lecak... ..

Ok.. focus now. These were ordered by Farah aka BeeLove.. yang sekarang dah kerja as a Dr at Hospital Sungai Buloh. Farah ordered masa I pergi cuti-cuti Malaysia recently. It was for Majlis Buka Puasa. So, dalam dok jalan2, dok fikir design yang sesuai. Since tak de masa nak play around with the fondants, I thought of having the 1Malaysia logo as edible image to put on the fondant cupcakes. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I had to redesign the cupcakes and use all fondants instead.. Thanks to my spontaneous hubby (yang tiba2 nak expand the trip to JB), for his ideas and support. (I sebenarnya plan nak movie marathon with the family.. but kejap2 lari ke kitchen... last2 they gave up on me.. They started off watched the ones yang confirm I tidur. I joined them once I completed my work .)...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hari Raya Hari Yang Mulia

My favourite Hari Raya song till now is the 1st EON Hari Raya song - Raja Ema and Jamal Abdillah. I suka gila!. The fact that I suka gila Raja Ema when I was 12 tu satu hal lah kan...

Anyways, like many have asked, I still accept orders for Hari Raya.. Last collection date is on the 18th September. I shall resume work again on the 24th September. I tak cuti lama this year as I have visited nearly all my relatives on the 1st week of puasa (yeah.. travelled from KL - Kedah - Penang - Kelantan - Terengganu - Pahang - Johor - Melaka... penat gila!).. So, there are some changes in the raya route this year.. ;-)... Ooh... and below is the design fo this raya... You can choose Floral Raya, Retro Raya, or Kiddy Raya.. Yes, you can specify the colors to me if you wish.. or you can trust me.. No problemo.. (ps: ketupat design inspired by IKEA!) and yes, you can have this design on regular or mini cupcakes too.




Ayu and Eliz turns 30!

As I wrote the title, I remember the day I turned 30... Nothing much happenned that day... But I do remember that I stopped counting my age till now. Hek! And when someone asks me my age now... I would do a mental calculation (which is pretty slow)... and amazed of how 'young' I really am. I've never met Eliz actually... I usually liase with Ayu way back when Mama Chak's Recipe was not online yet. A very supportive and helpful young lady. To Ayu and Eliz, Happy turning 30! Have fun! God Bless!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Izu's Silver and White Hantaran

Yes! He is engaged! The guy with the lovey dovey requests to send cupcakes, roses and balloons every now and then, to the then girfriend, is finally engaged!

Bila nak buat post ni, baru perasan that I did not snap 1 important picture. You see, when Izu's mom called me up wanting to see some samples for Izu's cupcakes, jenuh I fikir something out of my ordinary. And the theme was silver and white... adoi... So, I had a few samples prepared for her. Of course Kak Jun's daisies were in the list. I also stamped out their initials I and S out of fondant and covered them with tiny silver dragees! Jenuh jugak nak buat tu... Rasa macam goldsmith pun ada jugak.. I am totally pleased with the outcome. But I did not snap the final picture! Doinks!

Mana taknya... when Izu's mom came to collect the cupcakes, she, her hubby and son had the priviledge (yes.. I choose to say that!) to witness me in action. I thank the Almighty for Aliya who came just in time to help! Well, it is one of those days in Mama Chak's Kitchen!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

J0e J0nas

Isk isk... Intan sent me an email with pics of J0e J0nas.. She told me that her daughter Alia, had a huge crush on him...She wanted to surprise her daughter with J0e J0nas on her birthday cake.. Hahahaha... Lawak gila Intan! Intan is a cool mom indeed! Hi five sister! I pun mengarah Nurin cari J0e J0nas's signature, konon2 dia la sign atas cake ni... ala2 autograph la gitu. kih kih kih.. Thanks darling Intan.. Sorry you had to witness the mess at my temp kitchen the other day.. LOL!

Liverpool - You'll never walk alone

When I collected the edible image of this Liverpool crest from Ellie's house, Mas can't get his eyes of it. Yeah... he is a Liverpool fan and I was lectured and cursed (exagerrating a bit here) for drawing other teams, especially Manchester United! Lawak la laki gue ni... Emo.. I guess he doesn't want to walk alone... nak jalan ngan gue..

Colorful Baby Theme

I was contemplating to post this, simply because I already have a post on Baby Booties . I decided to post this anyways because of the color. It is colorful. And it is different than the normal pastel blue and pastel pink theme. When seeing the table I used to place the cupcakes, I nak tergelak.. I remember Nurin kept on asking me when the new kitchen will be ready, because I had boxes of cakes on their desks and Iskandar's too! Mana saja tempat yang boleh diletak, I akan letak. I thank my kids for their patience in me.. for helping me do the washing and cleaning and baby-sitting at that challenging time. Alhamdulillah..

Sarah, Congrats! From Izu

Izu texted me from United Kingdom requesting something special for Sarah on her convocation. Romantic jugak ex-trainee gue ni. In the midst of setting up a temporary kitchen, I simply suggested 24pcs carrot cupcakes, a message balloon with roses and a graduation teddy... and I am happy to know that Sarah loves carrot cupcakes. Well, this convocation story is a bit basi... sbb THEY ARE ENGAGED ALREADY!!! Not sure if I sempat snap Sarah's fondant cupcakes hantaran to Izu ke tak. but, I did snap Izu's. I think they are stored in Dania's laptop.. Sabar ya.. (on another note, jenuh I sembunyi balloon ni from Iskandar, He kept wanting it. And when his dad asked him to choose a toy at Toys 'R Us later that evening, of all the things, he chose a balloon! Ceh!)

Mocha Princess

When Kak Nisa from Sao Paolo emailed me that she wanted a mocha Princess cake with pink gown for her niece, Sham Fadzilatul Asma'(a.k.a Kak Chik), I discouraged her. Sbb, yang sedap with this mocha cake is the cream... Just thinking of it made me drool! Dengan kacang bipangnya...Gosh! But Kak Nisa insisted that her family kat Kota Damansara loves coffee cake.. Gown kaler brown pun, brown lah... So, Mama Charq Jedi pun yo yo la piped some pink so that bday gal suka... And these cuppies pun Mama Charq Jedi buat.. (gue punye kitchen tengah renovate kan time tuh..) I amik the edible images from Ellie deHeart. I was so happy that Ellie started this edible print business, cos I can collect them at her sister's place in Puchong (after she recently moved to Bangi too!). Since Ayu Loveliana moved to Bangi, I dah patah arah gitu.. As my customers kebanyakannya suka order last minute.. and eventhough Ellie told me to give her 3 working days... but she is so far capable to handle last minute orders too! Thanks Ellie! You're the best!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Super Mario on cupcakes

Wah! Sudah lama sungguh tak update blog.. Seriously! I know I owe you guys a lot of stories and pictures! Dapur baru sudah in operation since 3 weeks ago. Masuk je dapur baru, kerja tak henti2.. (kumpul duit maa... kan dah buat kitchen.) In fact, ada lagi barang2 dalam temporary kitchen, tak sempat nak transfer lagi. And sekarang sudah ada WiFi! Yeay! Can access the net from my kitchen! How cool! Tak de la berulang alik to my 'office' dah.. Kadang2 anak beranak laki bini access internet in the kitchen. Aliya, the next time you come, you can bring your own laptop and help me upload pics! LOL! I love technology! Enough about me.. I'm supposed to update you guys about you! The people who challenge me with all sorts of things.. So, tonite, I'm gonna post only 1 entry. I know... I baru jumpa login ID to my flickr .. LOL... punya la lama tak upload.. sampai lupa. anyways...

This SuperMario and PacMan theme was ordered by Yoke Lin for her beloved boyfriend. She gave me a few pics for me to follow. I enjoyed doing the mushroom with the sharp teeth most! Menduga sungguh! Thanks Yoke Lin for the order. Till then everyone! Good nite!

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