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Monday, December 28, 2009


Haha... topicnya teruja... Sbb memang banyak yang mengujakan.. It all started with Emilya and Faizal's wedding.. Dah la hantaran masa depa tunang dulu, I buat for both sides.. So, this time around Emilya requested for a square fondant cake as the hantaran nikah.. (ceritanya sungguh lawak.. sbb tema warnanya bertukar di saat2 akhir dari peach ke merah putih..).. and Faizal requested a mix and match with white and silver theme.. (he actually changed his mind from mini cuppies, to fondant and at last had to agree to mix and match sbb dah last minute sangat2).. but I do remember that kalau mix and match macam lebih kurang ngan hantaran masa tunang.. So, since he left everything to me, I made him a stacked mix and match hantaran.. Nak tergelak sbnrnya sbb, I kinda decided on this at the last minute too (that was while I was decorating their 600 door gifts with E&F initials.. I'm glad to know that both bride and groom were happy with their cakes.. And due to this project, Nurin made me promise not to accept orders for more than 250 doorgifts. The next day, Shaza texted to order 700 cuppies... Sungguh teruja gue! Sorry ya Shaza that I had to turn you down. And the next three days pulak Ija called and kinda 'ayat' me to do 250 for the 31st and another 250 on the 1st... Sabar je lah Ija... I guess that is my update for now.. I've to rush for my gynae's apptm.. Baru 4.5 mths now.. but I feel so 6 mths already.. Till then everyone.. Thanks for still having faith in me despite the fact that I have not been updating my blog..

and oh.. the one in the box tu is a 5 mini cupcakes for the groom's side..


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