I'm more active in my FB fanpage: Mama Chak's Recipe.. So find updates there.. No, I'm not abandoning this blogspot altogether.. It just that I could not find the time to write!! *cries*.. Menu & Price List is still valid.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I know...

I've not been posting new stories since dunno when... My helper just got back from her 1 month holiday (phew! felt like managing a child care center for a month!), I am renovating my kitchen and my modem gave up on me.. Time to change.. I heard that WiMax is a good deal.. (true?) ...There are so many pictures to upload and stories to tell, and price list to revise. I am currently borrowing my hubby's laptop to tell you that I'm still alive.. hehehe... Please call me or text me at 016 606 9168 for orders.. Since my dream kitchen is still under renovation, my teacher aka Mama Charq Jedi helps me bake.. and I just decorate them.. and yes, there is a slight difference in the pricing which shall be standardised effective July, insyaAllah. Till then everyone, thanks much for your patience and continuos support and understanding.. Love you guys! xoxo...

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