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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CNY Celebration

Lupa pulak nak announce.. Yes,yes, you can start placing orders for CNY.. Lupa la.. lari2 tadi.. I know it is a long holiday.... but, I'm not going anywhere... (am planning games for the kids now.. charades, scrabbles, riddles..)

Happy Schooling!

*Phew* Alhamdulillah... sempat jugak I post recent projects 1250pm.. I know I promised a more periodic update kan, that is once a week.. Sorry about that.. I am adapting myself to my new schedule since school started already. Nurin is now in Form1 in Sri Aman... yes.. I was there! And now that Sri Aman is a cluster school, she is in the morning session.. as well as Dania, who is now in Std 3.. So my weekday starts off at 6:45am, with sending Nurin first to Sri Aman and then Dania to Puay Chai.. walaupun sekolah2 tu campak 1 batu pun sampai... Sampai je rumah, terus baking la, decorating la, flower making la, diselang seli dengan 'feed' Hannah (now approaching 4mths!) and Iskandar yang ajak I main bola!.. then another round of fetching them, and sending them, and diselang seli with buying baking supplies.. OK... enough ramblings... I've to send food to Dania since Puay Chai dah start tuition for UPSR.. So, I better run now.. Till next week... enjoy the pics!

Baby Aryan's Cukur Jambul

The letter A, bib, hat, baby suit, pacifier, booties..

All for Aryan's Cukur Jambul...Bertuah Aryan!

I delivered the cuppies early Saturday morning to Aunty Fadilah, as they need to pack the cupcakes into bowls and tie them up in nets and ribbons.

I had darling hubby to do the baby suit cutter.. and then he was the one who designed the pacifier.. wohooo! (Thanks sweetheart!).. and of course.. he just did one as a sample for me, and the rest 30 pacifiers I lah yang buat as usual.. :-D More close up pics in my flickr yeah,... click the slideshow.

Dalmation for Ajay Ryan

Kawan I, si Juanita ni memang suka challenge I!! Since masa kerja dulu.. And the fact that she, Zarry and the rest were the ones who gave me the 3-D teddy tin as a farewell cum birthday present, lagi la dia pandai2.. :-)

So, Juanita wanted a Dalmation cake for Ajay Ryan and she wanted it in 3-D. See the tail and the ear!.. I have actually cut longer ears for this Dalmation.. And then I realised that I forgot the tail. So, I pun design a tail, without realising I've used one of the ears to do the tail! So, I had to cut the other ear to be the same size as the shorter ear! BTW, Ju ni pun satu, dia pandai jer buat kek... bila lagi nak practise, time anak2 nye b'day la kan... And I am so proud of Zarry ... makin lama makin terer! Oh... Check out her blog!.. and the one in front of the dalmation was supposed to be a bone... tee hee hee.. Kalau buat ngan fondant mesti jadi lagi cun, kan.. *wink*

Ben10 lagi..

Truly, honestly, I have not watched Ben10, simply because we don't subscribe to the Cartoon channel... I ingatkan standing together the human Ben are his enemies.. Silly me! Rupanya he can turn into those characters ye... LOL! Thanks Serina for explaining to me.. hehehe.. I really enjoyed our chat.. Nanti kitchen baru I siap, kita boleh la goreng2 kuetiaw ker..apa ker... (as usual cita2 tinggi...)

and thanks to Ayu Loveliana, who printed me the Edible Image.. Now that Ayu has shifted to Bangi, I have to arrange a different way of collecting the edible images.. So, please call early if you are interested.. at least 1 week in advance..

Aiman's Racetrack

Kak Liza ordered this for Aiman. So, since I've ventured into fondant toppers effective this year, I suggested to her a racecar with race track. I got the idea from Carol Deacon book.. and of course siap mintak permission from my favourite cake maker Kak Jun.. Kak Jun buat lagi cun lah..

Man-U, Chelsea, Arsenal..

Zeti kata her kids wanted to surprise Uncle Alip on his 21st Birthday.. Nak design lelaki macho! LOL! I tak tau la design lelaki macho macam mana... I selalu suggest jersey, or logo, or car.. hehehe

Ni pulak, Lady Iryana ordered for her darlz, Hafiz.. Berapa kali Iryana tukar design... sampai batter dah siap, tak tau nak masuk tin mana... Last2 she opt for the mix & match and have a logo in the middle.. and cuppies designed with muffler, no. 7, corner, jersey etc. My darlz, Mas got back from company's Sports Day that day, and looked at the cake, and said - "Sapa bagi kebenaran buat kek MU nih?" hahaha! Yeah.. he is a fan of Liverpool... that's why... LOL!

And this is for Adam. Sabar je ngan Miza (Adam's mom)... Miza was my classmate at Malaysia Institue of Bakery. She is a baker herself.. Banyak la alasan dia.. Tak surprise la.. Tak sempat la... Anyways, thanks Miza.. and oh.., Miza bakes the best choc chip cookies! I have recommended her to many of my customers too.. (I don't sell cookies yeah..)

Dr Nik's Pastel Butterflies

I was liasing with Nurita, who I assumed one of the organizer's for Dr Nik's birthday party. Nurita gave me the color scheme and some designs she wanted me to follow. Thanks Nurita and Happy Birthday Dr Nik!

Green & Black Hantaran

Lyana was inspired by Zeti's Anniversary cake, and wanted the same for her sister's engagement hantaran. Cuma nak white base, and replace all red with hijau pucuk pisang. I'm glad to receive a text message from her telling me that she loved it! Wuhoo!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sexy Cupcakes for the New Year

Meerah wanted to celebrate her mom’s and Cherry’s birthday on New Year Eve. She claimed that Molly’s cupcakes were sexy! Phewit! Teruja I! So, I suggested to combine Zeti’s Anniversary cake and the sexy cuppies for her to celebrate the occasion…

BTW, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, Salam Ma'al Hijrah... Have your Declaration of Excellence done yet? To summarise mine, it would be about Prioritisation, Perfection and Expectation.

Hari tu Mas (hubby) tanya what's my business plan for the year. I told him I don't have a plan. He said, 'Then, you are planning to fail!' Cis! After a few days of thinking... I told him... I still don't have a plan cos my plan is to perfect one swirl at a time, decorate one cupcake at a time, and enjoy one day at a time.. Take time to smell the roses or in my case.. cupcakes... :-)

Starscream, Disney Princesses, Elmo & Friends

Lawak sungguh when Suhita told me that her sons wanted the naughty Transformers, Starscream for their birthday! Selalunya, Optimus Prime ajer.. I was busy in the kitchen, so Nurin lah tukang browse cari gambar, since Ayu Loveliana pun tak de collection of the naughty decepticon.. :-)

And Suhita also ordered this for Danial's birthday.. Nak lukis yang simple2, katanya.. :-)

Yang ni, Aishah order.. Suka I sembang dengan adik Aishah, who came to collect the cake. Kisahnya, their parents attended Nadia's wedding, (Puan Abida's daughter), and brought back only 2 cupcakes. So, terpaksa la share2 makan... Tak cukup punya pasal, terus called me up and ordered some more.. Kebetulan ada birthday to be celebrated... :-) ..mmm... tak de occasion pun boleh order jugak. :-)

Aussie, here we come!

Terharu sungguh I when Raida called to order cuppies for her nieces and nephews.. She is continuing her studies in Australia.. She told me that I can experiment anything I like... Hehehe.. So, I texted my suggestions to her.. as usual, cita2 I tinggi.. cuma takut tak sempat ajer.. For this project I had the help from my little elves.. Nurin and Dania.. Dania punya product selalu tak pass QC... Don't give up ye Dania. More pics here

Hantaran Cupcakes

Min ordered the Mix & Match hantaran for her side and Ijat's side. Satu tema purple, the other tema gold. Masa first time Min call, I was still under confinement.. masa tu untuk hantaran tunang. Tak boleh buat la masa tu.. Tak pasal kena leter nanti. So, I am blessed to have the oppurtunity to be part of Min's happy day... Oh! Nurin & I sempat tengok Min pakai baju pengantin... Ayu gitu! (Zubir takde, so yours truly la kena deliver)

Min, Selamat Pengantin Baru..

Ni pulak, bersungguh2 I buat lilac roses for this particular project... tapi I tak guna pun.. hahaha.. instead I matched the small ones I did with the store bought ones.. I still wanna upload this even though I have a similiar post like this.. but that was purple and white.. hehe. See different angles here.

Puan Abida's daughter's wedding

Her name is Nadia... and now I realised I didn't get her husband's name (my bad). I've not met the bride, just her mom, Puan Abida. Puan Abida chose cupcakes in dome container to be given as doorgifts to the guests and some of the cupcakes to be placed on the 3-tier cake stand. Ada la muat dalam 25 pieces on the cake stand.. and another 25 around the cake stand (rasanya... I didn't count). Congratulations to Nadia and spouse.. and Puan Abida sbb sambut menantu.. :-D

ps: I shall not forget this day. I tak sempat nak snap gambar kat rumah.. snap kat hall ajer.. In fact the cake stand ribbons pun I ikat kat hall.. this is another post altogether... kena tunggu gambar dari Intan dulu.. sabar ya.. dia tengah honeymoon ni... *wink* (more pics

Happy 39th Anniversary Mama & Papa!

Nana ordered this cake for her parent's 39th Anniversary... Jenuh cari gambar ye Nana.. tee hee hee... I pun teruja tengok the edible image, sebab gambar zaman dolu2 kan... I so like the wonders of edible image... Something different, ye dok?

LV for Felly

Felly called to order mini cuppies with some of the branded handbag names like, LV, C0ACH, GUCC1 etc... and I suggested some of them to be decorated with boots and handbags. I've known Felly quite sometime.... dah more than 10 years kot... when she was dating my late brother.. LOL! Till now she is like one of our family. As a surprise for her birthday, I decided to make this LV handbag for her... tee hee hee.. Many thanks to Nurin and Celine (Nurin's best friend who happened to be around that day) for helping making the necessary buckles and what not for the handbag.. You guys really helped! And to Felly... Many happy returns! You looked debom with the tiara! xox!

Ariff Hazim Turns 5!

And mom, Serina chose Spidey and spidey themed cuppies for his birthday. This is a different shape of Spidey if you notice. The other one I posted was the crawling spidey: see Areez's Superheroe Party. Happy Birthday Ariff Hazim! Many Happy Returns!


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