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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anything for the babies

Nope not mine.. These are the cakes and cupcakes ordered by mothers for their newborn, 1 and 2 year olds.. FYI, I have to post this as quickly as possible as I took time off just now to bake.. Memang terasa tersangatlah giannya, and I baked a Famous Amos cake and cupcakes... Well, I was experimenting my recipe.. And before baby Jasmine wakes up for another round of feeding, let's start off with this baby blue theme. This set was ordered for Baby Tristan's Full Moon party. Baby Tristan's mom, Lauren also ordered cupcakes as a Full Moon gift. Thanks Lauren for the order.
And this was ordered by Farah Donna for her son Amin. She was inspired by Roger's clown and wanted the same for Amin's cake.. Since she wanted a mix and match set, I was thrilled to have different positions of clowns on the cupcakes and cakes.. More pics in my flickr..

And this was ordered by Farah Dinna... yes, you got it right.. She is Farah Donna's sister. And yes, this was collected on the same day.. This cake was for Mikail's classmates. He is 2 years old, by the way..

Owh... ini untuk Irfan Haziq! Ibunya, Halimatun called, and she was inspired by Farell's cake. So, she ordered one for Irfan Haziq.. just the bottom tier.

I guess that's all for now on birthdays... and ooh... one more picture yang enter frame this time is this medical stuffs for the doctors in the house. This was ordered by kak Su.. Thanks kakak!

Till then everyone!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pink Roses and Carnations

Tomorrow 18/6, Baby Jasmine be 1 month old.. and today I received a baby gift basket from my customer turned friend Ena, Muar. Terkejut ada, terharu pun ada... Sbb kat rumah ni yang selalu terima gift baskets is my dad.. Terima kasih banyak2 Ena.. And hari ni, I terlebih rajin untuk access the net via my own zaman tok kaduk's computer yang sudah lama I tak on.. Selalu asyik menyendeng kat Nurin's or Dania's laptop. And I just realised there are so many pictures here that I have not uploaded. So, cerita lama la sikit ya.. This was ordered by Kak Su! Her sister's engagement.. I think..(dah lama sangat ni..). Selalunya Kak Su lah orang kuat behind all the parties and events at her house.. She would be THE person who knows what to do, who should do what and ensures that everything is in place on time. When Kak Su mentioned the theme was pink, I suggested the roses that I learnt from Kak Jun.. I really would like to implement and practise them.. as practise makes perfect.. and I sure I hope I delivered them well.. Of course I want my teacher to be proud of me.. :-D

And this set was ordered by Radziah.. the same day I did for Kak Su.. I'm glad she wanted carnations! So, I did different shades of carnations for Rad.. I'm glad to have met her that night before I change to my nighties..

And here is a picture of the cuppies all packed.

This was ordered by Farah for her cousin's wedding. You see, Farah wanted the cake and cupcakes arranged in tiers. I suggested them to use the wine glasses and arrange the cupcakes at the bottom, and middle tier, while the cake goes at the topmost tier. I am supposed to receive a picture from Farah, the final arrangement of the cake, but have not received it. So, you guys imagine aje lah ye..

And, as I finished typing this, I hear Baby Jasmine crying for milk..
Till then folks..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Introducing Baby Jasmine (and still on leave till July 2010)

Originally uploaded by Mama Chak's Recipe

Welcome to the Mas clan, baby girl! Yes.. I've given birth to a healthy baby girl, Mas Jasmine Zahirah on May 18th, 2010 via c-section this time. Alhamdulillah everything went well and everyone is fine. I am approaching my 4th week of confinement now. Having experienced both c-section and normal deliveries, I would say the healing process for c-section is a little longer compared to the latter. My gynae gave me a list of dos and don'ts before I left her clinic, compared to when I left her clinic after my normal deliveries, which is None :p. So, I sent the mixer for servicing just to ensure that I would take this time to rest properly and heal quickly.

As mentioned in my earlier post, business is as usual, where all orders are passed to my beloved aunts and cousin. Call early to avoid disappointment, as they too have their own customers.

I have started accepting orders for July already. With Baby Jasmine on board and two toddlers (thank God the other 2 are already independent), there is a limit of how many cakes/cupcakes I can do in a day. So, text me to book your slot! ( 1st week and 4th week ada sikit aje slot tinggal).

On another note, please send a text message, as I am not able to answer your call most of the time.. Or send me an email, better!

Thank you so much for all your well wishes.. and may God bless you..

Till then..


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