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Friday, April 4, 2008

Retro Cupcakes

Happy 16th BirthdayDeera!

No.1 Cake

I think sometime ago, I've posted a no.1 cake already. Usually, kalau dah post satu entry tuh, dah tak nak post dah the same topic.. tapi, IMAN is too cute not to be posted.

Mommy Iman requested his edible photos to be on top of his No.1 cake.

Happy Birthday IMAN and ABBYGAIL!

Optimus Prime & Sponge Bob

Having 2 girls, I do not know who or what Optimus Prime was. Tunggu Iskandar besar sikit, I guess we will have Transformers on air in our living room. Thanks Jmy for sending the pic to me.

3-tier Wedding Cake

Susah betul nak ambik gambar ni.. Anyways.. Azfeezal took the Wedding Tier promotion, and added RM 30 for more lavish roses

Fondant Hantaran

Barney Mini Cupcakes

You can choose if you want just Barney, or Barney and Friends. A hit!

Hantaran or Gift Set Cupcakes - Transparent or Gold Box

We no longer use the round container as the hantaran set. Now we use 12 by 4 inches transparent or gold box (depending on availability of boxes yeah).

Here are some pics:


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