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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On leave till July 2010

Nope, I've not given birth yet.. Adoi.. I am now approaching my 39th week already and my baby hasn't taken the correct position for me to deliver the natural way yet.. Duk menari ke sana sini.. My gynae has scheduled a c-section for me next week - Tuesday.. Huwaaaa! The past one week I've been delegating orders from my customers to my aunts and cousin.. So, I would say business is as usual, cuma I tak bake or decorate. :-D.. Ada masanya I will help screen and arrange the orders, and ada masanya I'll just pass you their number ya.. And since I've not been baking, I got a lot of things done. Sungguh seronok creating a list and cancelling them off! I should add uploading pics in my next list. As for now, enjoy this pics first ya.. These are kiddy designs.. ada kiddy + hidden mickey (I dunno what to call it.. Erhan actually requested me to draw mickey mouse.. mana la I terer draw mickey mouse..), and baby theme + hidden mickey
And, I think the week after that, I accepted an order - pun nak Mickey Mouse jugak.. but Norul was inspired by Malaeka's stacked cake.. And since I mana la nak pandai draw Mickey Mouse, she gave me the idea of hidden mickey at the sides and ribbon on top. The cake was delivered all the way to Putrajaya (Thanks Zubir!). She also ordered a batch of mini cupcakes with Malaeka-sprinkles.. I'm happy to know that Dahlia's party was a success and the cake was a hit.. (Sedapkan nama Dahlia.. if I've not named my second child Mas Dania Dalilah.. I would have chosen Dahlia for this baby.. :-)) Asyik dok buat Mickey themed cakes aje, I was priviledged to be introduced with this new trains in town. Meet Koko (green), Brewster (red) and Wilson (blue). Siti ordered these cupcakes as doorgifts for Adam's classmate.. And on the 2nd May, she ordered this cake for Adam's party. Of course, like Thomas, I used the train pan and turned it into Koko, Brewster and Wilson.. As long as Siti approved. Thank you Siti..

And I realised that I did quite a few kiddy girly themed designs just before my leave.. Here are some of them..

Haaa... gambar yang enter frame this time is Serina's 2nd masterpiece.. I kinda force Serina to learn this. Initially she wanted to order cupcakes for hantaran for this June. My aunties and cousin semua dah fully booked for that week.. So, I suruh dia buat sendiri the hantaran.. Barulah bermakna gitu, kan? :-)


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