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Monday, August 31, 2009

Izu's Silver and White Hantaran

Yes! He is engaged! The guy with the lovey dovey requests to send cupcakes, roses and balloons every now and then, to the then girfriend, is finally engaged!

Bila nak buat post ni, baru perasan that I did not snap 1 important picture. You see, when Izu's mom called me up wanting to see some samples for Izu's cupcakes, jenuh I fikir something out of my ordinary. And the theme was silver and white... adoi... So, I had a few samples prepared for her. Of course Kak Jun's daisies were in the list. I also stamped out their initials I and S out of fondant and covered them with tiny silver dragees! Jenuh jugak nak buat tu... Rasa macam goldsmith pun ada jugak.. I am totally pleased with the outcome. But I did not snap the final picture! Doinks!

Mana taknya... when Izu's mom came to collect the cupcakes, she, her hubby and son had the priviledge (yes.. I choose to say that!) to witness me in action. I thank the Almighty for Aliya who came just in time to help! Well, it is one of those days in Mama Chak's Kitchen!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

J0e J0nas

Isk isk... Intan sent me an email with pics of J0e J0nas.. She told me that her daughter Alia, had a huge crush on him...She wanted to surprise her daughter with J0e J0nas on her birthday cake.. Hahahaha... Lawak gila Intan! Intan is a cool mom indeed! Hi five sister! I pun mengarah Nurin cari J0e J0nas's signature, konon2 dia la sign atas cake ni... ala2 autograph la gitu. kih kih kih.. Thanks darling Intan.. Sorry you had to witness the mess at my temp kitchen the other day.. LOL!

Liverpool - You'll never walk alone

When I collected the edible image of this Liverpool crest from Ellie's house, Mas can't get his eyes of it. Yeah... he is a Liverpool fan and I was lectured and cursed (exagerrating a bit here) for drawing other teams, especially Manchester United! Lawak la laki gue ni... Emo.. I guess he doesn't want to walk alone... nak jalan ngan gue..

Colorful Baby Theme

I was contemplating to post this, simply because I already have a post on Baby Booties . I decided to post this anyways because of the color. It is colorful. And it is different than the normal pastel blue and pastel pink theme. When seeing the table I used to place the cupcakes, I nak tergelak.. I remember Nurin kept on asking me when the new kitchen will be ready, because I had boxes of cakes on their desks and Iskandar's too! Mana saja tempat yang boleh diletak, I akan letak. I thank my kids for their patience in me.. for helping me do the washing and cleaning and baby-sitting at that challenging time. Alhamdulillah..

Sarah, Congrats! From Izu

Izu texted me from United Kingdom requesting something special for Sarah on her convocation. Romantic jugak ex-trainee gue ni. In the midst of setting up a temporary kitchen, I simply suggested 24pcs carrot cupcakes, a message balloon with roses and a graduation teddy... and I am happy to know that Sarah loves carrot cupcakes. Well, this convocation story is a bit basi... sbb THEY ARE ENGAGED ALREADY!!! Not sure if I sempat snap Sarah's fondant cupcakes hantaran to Izu ke tak. but, I did snap Izu's. I think they are stored in Dania's laptop.. Sabar ya.. (on another note, jenuh I sembunyi balloon ni from Iskandar, He kept wanting it. And when his dad asked him to choose a toy at Toys 'R Us later that evening, of all the things, he chose a balloon! Ceh!)

Mocha Princess

When Kak Nisa from Sao Paolo emailed me that she wanted a mocha Princess cake with pink gown for her niece, Sham Fadzilatul Asma'(a.k.a Kak Chik), I discouraged her. Sbb, yang sedap with this mocha cake is the cream... Just thinking of it made me drool! Dengan kacang bipangnya...Gosh! But Kak Nisa insisted that her family kat Kota Damansara loves coffee cake.. Gown kaler brown pun, brown lah... So, Mama Charq Jedi pun yo yo la piped some pink so that bday gal suka... And these cuppies pun Mama Charq Jedi buat.. (gue punye kitchen tengah renovate kan time tuh..) I amik the edible images from Ellie deHeart. I was so happy that Ellie started this edible print business, cos I can collect them at her sister's place in Puchong (after she recently moved to Bangi too!). Since Ayu Loveliana moved to Bangi, I dah patah arah gitu.. As my customers kebanyakannya suka order last minute.. and eventhough Ellie told me to give her 3 working days... but she is so far capable to handle last minute orders too! Thanks Ellie! You're the best!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Super Mario on cupcakes

Wah! Sudah lama sungguh tak update blog.. Seriously! I know I owe you guys a lot of stories and pictures! Dapur baru sudah in operation since 3 weeks ago. Masuk je dapur baru, kerja tak henti2.. (kumpul duit maa... kan dah buat kitchen.) In fact, ada lagi barang2 dalam temporary kitchen, tak sempat nak transfer lagi. And sekarang sudah ada WiFi! Yeay! Can access the net from my kitchen! How cool! Tak de la berulang alik to my 'office' dah.. Kadang2 anak beranak laki bini access internet in the kitchen. Aliya, the next time you come, you can bring your own laptop and help me upload pics! LOL! I love technology! Enough about me.. I'm supposed to update you guys about you! The people who challenge me with all sorts of things.. So, tonite, I'm gonna post only 1 entry. I know... I baru jumpa login ID to my flickr .. LOL... punya la lama tak upload.. sampai lupa. anyways...

This SuperMario and PacMan theme was ordered by Yoke Lin for her beloved boyfriend. She gave me a few pics for me to follow. I enjoyed doing the mushroom with the sharp teeth most! Menduga sungguh! Thanks Yoke Lin for the order. Till then everyone! Good nite!

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