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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Iskandar's Birthday

Yeah! Last year! Hik hik hik! I actually wanted to update my time slots here, and realised that I've not been blogging for a while. There's not even a post in March! Ceh! Just 2 posts this year? So, I decided to write something quick. But a post without pictures is pretty dull. And I am just tired (and plain lazy) to find good pictures. You know, the best picture that would show the best angles and all. So, I found Iskandar's birthday pictures that was supposed to be last year's post.. Hehehe.. Oh well! Better than nothing, eh? My only boy, my third child with two older sisters and two younger sisters, my jantung hati, my favourite boy (of course!), Mas Zahid Iskandar turned 4, 4th December 2010.
We did a celebration at his playschool, as well as at home since my mom's siblings were all gathered in KL for Azizul's (my cousin) wedding.
Nurin took care of the goody bags.. DIY paper bags made from envelopes. I love the content of the goody bag. I didn't spend much.. But in my budget (yang ciput itu), I managed to squeeze in a box of 12 color pencils (Thanks Mydin! Buy in bulk!), a coloring book (downloaded coloring pictures from the internet, and sent for photocopy. Thanks Nurin! Of course! Who else?) and all those sweet tooth stuffs..
Dania helped present the cake to the birthday boy that morning.
He wanted a cake rumah salji (his actual words) with santa clause! I think it was because he saw the house cake pan Nurin gave me for my birthday, which shows the many ways to decorate the house pan. I replaced with clown instead.. (honestly, tak de clown pun.. and he asked, mana orang? :-p)
Iskandar and I at his school..
And this was Iskandar's cake later that evening. We are party animals, indeed! The easiest design I could do was the clowns.. The challenge was to think which clown sits where and holds what.. :-) . I have more different angles actually taken with my phone. But, I accidentally erased all of the pics from my phone, when I intelligently tried to update my phone's software. All contacts were gone too! My cousin Azril, told me to stick to baking, and not do anymore IT stuffs!
I wanted to experiment on the interior design of the cakes. 1st, a rainbow cake. And the other one, a heart inside the cake. Ini Lady Myra yang suruh saya test. However, the heart shaped tak jadi! Nampak macam a lip shaped inside the cake, kan? My cousin, Zarina kata, aci aje tu.. ! :-) The challenge of the interior design of the cake is that I will not know how it looks like until I cut it! So, surprise ya dapat lips ke, heart ke..
For the rainbow, I purposely did pastel colors, because I knew very well that my relatives (especially yang dah ada cucu tu) are so afraid of food coloring. Takut benor nak makan strong colorful color cakes. I bet some of your relatives are like mine too. So, I would normally ask, mau pelangi terang, or mau pelangi lembut.. I've done a pelangi terang for a customer. Also informed her that I would like a picture of how it looks like in the inside, but I guess she is too busy to send the picture to show me.
And, did you notice that Iskandar's cakes were all about the weather. We had the snow house cake, the rainbow cake, and the label on his goody bag was a sunny day!
and oh! I won't be writing in another month, I think.. I'll be actively baking (which I'm not supposed to do), and managing my children. I would diligently post pictures in my facebook page. Senang gitu! Snap and upload. So, latest pictures banyak di situ ya.
Till then everyone! Take care!

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