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Monday, October 29, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya everyone!!

Had a great raya?? Alhamdulillah, hari ni baru MC ada masa nak upload pics and post a new entry on recent selected projects. Jangan marah aaa kalau slow... Dah resize the pics..

Antaranya (not in any particular order), Caca turned 1, Emir's Barney (MCJ baked and MC decorated.. MCJ buat open hse, hence tak sempat, so, terpaksala MC decorate kan... ), Kaela Iman's Strawberry Shortcake (credit to MCJ), Hearty Arranged Cupcakes for Papa and Penne & Eizann's Doll (also credit to MCJ) and some pics of cupcakes fr. my open hse..

Drool on.. and more pics
here to drool some more...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ramadhan... so fast...

I know I've not been updating this blog ... So sorry.. Dok bersilat dengan cakes aje Ramadhan nih.. Alhamdulillah.. not complaining.. keep them coming! :D. Sorry jugak sebab this post tak ada pics of cakes to feast your eyes... (Aisy..Ramadhan ni pun nak feast the eye, ya?)

Last delivery/collection of raya cakes is on 11/10. For those who have placed their orders, thank you very much. Looking forward to meet you guys on the 11th!

With that said, I terpaksa tutup orders for 11th. Slot untuk 10th is still open though.. so, what are you waiting for baby? (Keep them refrigerated to eat on 1st Syawal.. ke, on the 10th dah habis dah?)

Mama Chak's Chef mula bercuti pada hari Jumaat. So, no access to the internet. Collection/Delivery of cakes akan bermula 17hb ke atas. So, if you can't call me, just send me an sms to place your order.

I hope to post another entry or two before Syawal. InsyaAllah.

~ Dah 10 malam terakhir kan? aiyoo..

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