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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love is in the air

Valentine's day is around the corner.. I was showing Maslina (my neighbour) some of my valentines cupcakes the other day, and told her that - the next time I nak buat exactly like this, mesti dah lupa, mesti dah jadi design lain. Itula, asyik dok procrastinate nak pergi print gambar.. Anyways, 7th Feb was my valentine's official birthday.. So, I baked these with a valentines theme for him to makan2 at the office... Happy Birthday Sweetheart..

White & Blue Fondant Hantaran

Suka betul I when Farrah, Zuriati and Faizah came over to collect Farrah's hantaran mix and match fondant cake, a present for Farrah from Shikin. Kecoh sungguh cerita itu ini, especially Zuriati. Faizah senyum aje.. Farrah jealous sbb kek tu nak diberi sebagai hantaran for her now fiance.. Lawak la depa ni.. Can't wait to see the three of you again. Bawak Faizah tau.. akak suka usik dia.. *wink* Jangan marah Faizah ya...

Pastel colors for Adlina

Aza is my friend since high school.. Satu dorm lagi.. Ada masanya menjadi teman sebaldi masa mandi kat Bilik Air Umum... oh dear.. those days! Isn't Facebook a great invention after friendster and mak nenek yang lain tuh.. ? Yang lawaknya Zul, Aza's hubby said that I can be a kindy teacher just from the look at those drawings on cuppies. Happy Birthday Adlina!

For Men

Nawwar came over last Friday to discuss on cupcakes designs. But I think it turned out to be more of a lepak session. We spent 2 hours flipping thru the cakes magazine and books, eating cupcakes .. and cerita macam2, dari Twilight ke accupuncture diselangseli dengan Iskandar yang datang tunjuk Nawwar his toys... Oh, Nawwar also practises accupuncture at a reasonable rate. You can call me to get her number. I'm thinking to do one next week... hmmm ... kena check calendar.. Anyways, dah jenuh bukak segala macam buku, baru Nawwar ada idea nak buat apa untuk her dad... which was a challenge for me... hehehe... I kan baru nak venture into fondant toppers. :p more pics in my flickr.. just click on the slideshow.

This is for Bhushan, ordered by my forever-so-beautiful cousin, Kak Nina.. She wanted it bright, retro design. And thanks Kak Nina for entertaining my 2 gals swimming at your condo.. hehe.. next time I bawak Khalil to fly kite.. so, you can go dating with Azrin.. :-)

Ini untuk orang yang nak pergi belajar jauh2.. Ke Melbourne katanya. Tengku Rozina ordered on behalf her aunty who came to collect herself, whom I can't took my eyes of her (she's so pretty, and she's Tengku Rozina's aunt!!) and her car!! Jenuh jugak TR and I mereka2 ayat for the lucky young man..

I received a text message followed by an email from Liza, who wanted 2 sets of vanilla cupcakes for her hubby. "Just draw sebatang pokok, 34 and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYAH". I called her then to confirm. In my head dah ready to arrange the cuppies to the shape of a tree. But then, she told me, you just draw sebatang pokok, 34 and the message. "Any other decoration?", I asked. "Tak... just that... ada maknanya".. Fuhh... mendalam tuh.. :-D.. So, Liza confirmed apa saja pokok pun boleh.. asalkan pokok. Dalam mini set tu I added pokok kelapa.. hehehe... Can't stop grinning from ear to ear..

Friday, February 6, 2009

The 35th customer

I am pleased to announce that the 35th customer called in at lunch just now, which means to say that all the slots have been taken up! Thanx much everyone! InsyaAllah, lain kali ada offer lain lagi... Ada jugak customers - new and old - called in without knowing about the offer. Apalagi, excited la diorang... :-) It's nice to make people happy... tambah ekonomi tengah meleset ni... Till then, take care... xoxo

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Overwhelming Response...

Alhamdulillah... Due to overwhelming response, I am extending the offer to another 10 customers. The 25th customer called in last night. After I decided to extend the offer, there are 7 slots left (tak sempat nak announce earlier). So, quick! And to those who have placed their order, Munchas Gracias.. Gotta get back in the kitchen now..

BTW, if you need cake like tomorrow, pls call me instead of email yeah..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentines Cuppies

Many have asked about the design for Valentine's. So, here it is... Yang ni balance cupcakes yang Dania bawak jual kat KAFA, so I drew these on them... Esok I shall design the ones with writings like Be Mine, Love You.. tapi, tak sesuai pulak for Dania to sell! Kat KAFA pulak tuh! Well, these would do then to feast your eyes.. plus Zeti's Anniversary cake.

BTW, I have 7 slots left for the 10% discount offer. So, cepat.. !

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Small announcement

I realised today that my gmail wasn't receiving any emails. But, the emails were forwarded to my msn email (an option I set 3 mths back... Alhamdulillah).. So, for those who have submitted their orders but have not received any response from me within 24 hrs, pls call or text.. Ada 12 slots left to enjoy the 10% discount. Let's say you would like to order a Carrot Cream Cheese Cake, you would only need to pay RM43.20 instead of RM48! How cool is that?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thanks a Bunch!

Asmah ordered these cuppies and told me that she wanted writings like Good Job! Well Done! Thanx! and other caption of appreciation on them.

And I too would like to thank you, my customers for your continuos support. Remember that I plan to do something for you as a token of my appreciation? Honestly, I have not properly sat down and drafted them out yet, but I just can't wait to do a proper plan... I might as well execute this one first...

The first 25 customers who puts in their order from the 1st till 7th February, shall enjoy 10% discount for every cake or cupcakes ordered. This is how it works:

1. Offer is valid for first 25 customers who place order from 1st - 7th February 2009

2. Valid to be collected or delivered any day in February 2009.

3. Offer is for cakes or cupcakes. Offer is not applicable on delivery, special packaging and edible image.

4. Offer is applicable for all occasions! (birthday, hantaran, door gifts) Isn't it nice? And yes... applicable for Valentines too...

So, apa tunggu lagi?

Thomas & Friends

Lina called to order Thomas & Friends for Thaqef's 3rd Birthday. I told her that I do not have the exact Thomas pan... but a train pan which I can convert into Thomas... So, this is Thomas, with his friends Percy and the other guy... (apa ntah nama dia... )

Pastel colors for January Babies..

I am posting this simply because I like to color. I have my creative 9 year old Dania by my side when decorating this.. She loves it when her ideas are accepted.. She loves it even more when she was the one who showed me how to do it... Kasi can lah, kan? Thanks much Tini for the order.. You are super gorgeous already, you know!

Get Well Soon, Shanise

If there is an Aunt of the Year award.. I'm sure Cecelia would have won this every year! All these years I've known her, she always has her nieces' best interest at heart.. from their health, to their studies and even their teachers!.. and when Shanise was warded in the hospital, she ordered these cuppies to cheer her up...You're a great aunt, Cece... and a great friend too!

Stroller, Bib, Booties, etc

The other day, Sureena ordered one like this with red and shocking pink color for baby Danisya... I tak sempat nak snap. And when Syima ordered the same theme with baby blue color, I was delighted and reminded myself to snap the pics... Bukan apa, seeing is believing... and the picture says it all... rather than I have to explain how I'm going to draw them, kan senang if you get to see it yourself? :-)

Mix & Match Lime Green & Yellow

I like the color Kak Musalmah chose for Ina, Irfan, Hazlan, Adilah and Ikram's birthday cake. The mix & match set is always the chosen one, especially to celebrate more than 1 person's birthday, kan?

Ben10 & Princess

These are half size cakes (8" round cakes) of Ben10 and Disney Princesses. (As usual, I snap gambar bila cake dah selamat masuk dalam kotak... :-p). Fiza ordered for her niece and nephew... Sweet, kan? Bertuah ada mak sedara macam Fiza! Since Ayu is now in Bangi, I got the edible images via courier service. So, it took at least 2 days for the images to reach me.

After I completed this job, Maizon called in and also wanted Ben10 and Princess... tapi, dah too late for Ayu to courier them, so Maizon settled with this Ben10 logo... :-D

And please, if you want to have edible images, please call early... Tak sempat I nak lari ke Bangi while also ferrying my kids to school. :-D

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