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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy 2011!!

I have been wanting to update my blog since, hmmm.. not sure when already. It has been ages since my last short post, right? And it took me some time to actually create a fan page in facebook.. Mainly because, I am a perfect-melancholy-wannabe.. I would want to read the terms and conditions of a fan page before I create one. And I finally did! I find it faster to update my work there.. as I do not have to write a lot.. duh! and people would know that I am still actively baking and decorating..
Mmm.. however, as mentioned in my previous post, I shall not be taking as many orders as I used to. This year, my kids go to four different schools! Nurin in Secondary School. Dania in Primary School. Favorite son, Iskandar in kindergarten. And Hannah in Playschool. It is Iskandar's and Hannah's first time to their new school... I was pretty emotional two weeks before school starts. I seriously feel that my kids grow up very fast. I just don't want to imagine the day Iskandar would feel shy to kiss and hug me in public. :-p
And, so my plan was to kiss and kiss and kiss and hug and hug and hug him many times in a day.. and I told Nurin to do the same, so that he can't live without our hugs and kisses! muahahaha! kejam tak? I know kejam! :-p
Hannah and Iskandar were pretty cool on their first day of school. I started sending Hannah the final week of 2010, so that I would not rush here and there on the first day of school this year. When I dropped her off that morning, she hurriedly entered the gate.. as if I was going to change my mind. Tak pusing2 belakang pun.. meluru aje..
As for Iskandar, I waited for their assembly and till he entered his classroom for the first period. Jenuh pesan kat dia... "Kalau cikgu panggil Mas Zahid.. tu nama abang tau... " :-p
He seemed able to adapt with the new environment where Malay is minority, compared to his previous playschool, where Malay was majority and the language used.
So, I was left alone with lil Jasmine with her new punk hairstyle. Tak tau la kenapa, her hair turned out to be 'cacak' after we shaved her! She's 8 mo now, and ada 2 gigi bawah baru tumbuh.. :-D
Alamak.. I'm sorry I bore you with my personal stories.. what's important are my cakes.. silly me!
Anyways.. I have new flavors yang I dah lama jual tapi tak berkesempatan nak cerita to everyone: oreo; red velvet; coffee mocha (coffee masih di tahap experimenting if it can be coffee cupcakes.. not sure if it is due to the cupcake casing or what, sometimes the cupcake liner lekang.. but as a whole cake - yes boleh [tapi, kawan I, Serina and Kartina, diorang tak kisah, cupcake liner lekang ke, apa ke.. they like it in the mini cupcake size.. taste and looks are subjective.. :-) .. don't forget!])

hmm.. nak kena update price list la pulak.. Leceh la my pricelist tu.. kena play around with the tables.. and then sat lagi I ter-merge lah.. apa lah.. :-p.. I will definitely update my price list to display the new flavors.. but not so soon ya.

I know everyone has only 24 hours in a day. And we all have loads to do.. And I am amazed with people and leaders who can accomplish a lot of things.. I feel so tiny compared to them. At this very moment, updating my price list with the new flavors are not in my to do list..

One thing about me, as a perfect-melancholy-wannabe, I love lists! Whatever I want to accomplish tomorrow, I shall write them down tonight. I find that lists are powerful, as I accomplish a lot more things if I write them down. and I love cancelling them off too! Rasa bangga tak terkira masa tu! Siap panggil anak2 to witness me cancelling my lists off!

isy.. asyik side track aje kan.. mengidam! lama tak blog! So, quick one now, just photos ya.. this time only... next time we story2 again,, xox


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