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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mix Flavors available now!

Salam everyone! I promised myself to do this yesterday, all the postings, that is... but was distracted by something else... And today, was pretty 'free'.. and I made myself promise to post them this morning, but got distracted with Edward Cullen... I know... *slow*..I've not fininshed the Twilight Saga yet.. I'm in the middle of Eclipse at the moment.... Enough Cullen!

Due to popular demand, I've decided to fulfill your requests for mix flavas! Yes! You can have 12pc of choc + 12 pc of carrot OR 12 pc of choc + 12 pc vanilla.... any mixture you wish! Till then!
*I'm getting back to my book :p

2-tier love shaped wedding cake

I have known Laily since my uni days. A perfectionist she is! The most responsible person I know. If I am not mistaken she had her then 14 year old brother stayed with her right after she graduated... and now her now all grown up brother tied the knot last week, and she ordered this 2-tier love shaped wedding cake for the reception. I'm sorry his wife had to wait for their cake to be ready.. It was a crazy Saturday, last week! Due to that too, this is the best angle snapped (as if!)

Elsarine's Garden

I just love my new nozzle... See the grass! And when Jane described how she wanted 1-year old Elsarine's cake to be like, I was excited! More reasons to use the nozzle... And Jane also ordered Mickey Mouse edible images... which I stayed up till 3a.m. looking for the best pics of Mickey!

All the way from Sao Paolo, Brazil

Kak Nisa ordered this for her MIL birthday which fell on the 15th of March.. Zubir had them delivered to Temerloh the same day, before noon.. I understand Zubir had a great time at Temerloh too... *wink* Kak Nisa had a list of things she wanted to give to her MIL.. (lucky MIL!), like roses, Ferero Roche and a card, which I helped her get them with reasonable service charge. Thanks much Kak Nisa for this project... and more projects in the future.. *wink*

Jersey and bracers??

I felt so young ( I always feel young... LOL!) when my juniors, Fatin, Saidah and Umairah came over to order cupcakes... my juniors and Nurin's seniors. LOL! Those pretty girls gave me a heart attack last 2 weeks by showing up at my doorstep... I thot they wanted to collect their cakes which obviously I didn't bake!

Anyways, Fatin found me through her kind neighbour Nabawi, who gave her some cupcakes... and in return, they ordered these cuppies for Nabawi.. BTW, Nabawi wears bracers, hence the cupcake above Nabawi's name... :-) All the best girls for your SPM! And thanks Fatin, for the word of mouth.. It was pleasant to meet your mom!

Ben10 in drawing... finally

I received so many last minute orders wanting Ben10 for their son's birthday... Nak order the edible image dah tak sempat.. Even the cheap RM10 edible images pun were taken! So, I braved myself to draw this one... and I am no longer afraid.. Of course, this can be perfected.. :-)

ps:I found cheap edible images.. 6" diameter. As of today, 24/3/2009, I have 2 ben10s and 2 disney princesses.. Selling at RM10 per piece. If you want to book, just call or email, and I'll just book them for you..

Red & White Hantaran

Inspired by Kak Jun and without forgetting to get her permission to copy her design, I came up with these sets..I know the multi talented Kak Jun does them nicer... :-).

Hannah Montana's Guitar

Ilham called and said that Hannah wanted a guitar cake and something to do with Hannah Montana.. So, here it is.... When Dania saw this, she told me that she wanted the exact same design for her birthday too! (Hannah is also Dania's friend...)

Jolynn's Stacked Mix & Match

I have to thank Shirley for the design she had suggested for this cake. Shirley is extremely talented. I just help bake and materialise her design with cream. Thanks Shirley!

Rugby Ball

I was asked my a long lost friend, Sya, to bake a cake for her dear hubby and darling Princess Betty.... I dunno why I could not find the pic of Princess Betty's cake... I thought I've snapped it..

anyways, I believe I could have done a better job here by carving the edges of the cake.. so that it looks more like a rugby ball, kan? *learn from experience.... other ppl's experience is better, don't you think?*

Retro lagi...

I like Retro designs... mainly because I like playing with colors... I am a bit afraid though... in case my customers wants the exact color as what I've posted.. I'm just afraid I can't get the combination right.. Here are some collections of retro designs... yang sempat snap...

Monday, March 9, 2009

With Love from London

I was about to turn the computer off when I realised that I have not uploaded these yet! Owh Izu! I'm so sorry! Dah la awak jauh di London! Sorry ye dik.. I realised that there are a few more pics to be uploaded.. Sya's rugby ball and Jolynn's stack cake... But, truly.. I have to say good nite.. as effective March, I am starting my day at the latest 5:30 am.. to bake! It was a success last week.. let's see how it goes.. I am also planning to have operating hours, as currently I am operating like 24 hours... hehehe tipulah... 24 hours tu ada jugak, but very rare... emmm average is 15 hours daily, including weekends.. So, it is not good for my well being and my family too.. LOL! They had to kidnap me from my cakes most of the time.. I hope with the new time table, I am more efficient in handling both cake matters, administration matters and family matters... with that said, Good nite. Till then... enjoy my updates below! Errr... Alia, if you are reading... picture please... Awak nye cake this week kan?

Hantaran on Cupcakes

I enjoyed Nawwar's company everytime she comes over to the house to collect cakes, despite the fact that we are sharing the same boyfriend.. Ceh! Nawwar, for the last time, Edward Cullen is mine! I just finished reading Twilight yesterday... dah la I ni slow reader.. as I never practise speed reading since I like playing the characters in my head.. I am reading a novel! How can I speed them up!? Dah la tu, I can only read when I am feeding Hannah.. and hoping Hannah won't snatch the novel away from me... and I just started New Moon just now (while feeding Hannah also.. LOL!). And tadi, I responded to Salha's comment if I can make a Twilight cake! Can aje! Right after that, Zeha ym-ed me, claiming that Edward Cullen is hers! Pergh! Anyways, lari topic... ala.. sekali sekali venting out, tak pe kan... I had fun doing this project.. as I made men's shoes, songkok, sejadah, baju melayu, bunga rampai, kek, towels and toiletteries from gum-paste. You see, Nawwar's cousin is a very talented young man who likes to do these stuffs... he does pelamin and wedding bed also... but I tak sempat nak materialise it on gumpaste..

Fondant Cupcakes

Just to feast your eyes with this pic. Radziah ordered this for her sister's hantaran. She is going to arrange them in a basket.. Lupa nak tanya Rad, if Aznel (Rad's hubby) is the one doing the hantarans.. Ooooh.. Aznel is very good with that.. One of his many talents, I believe! Once Rad sent me the pic of the final product, I shall upload it here. Rad, lain kali mai, dok lama sikit.. Nak tinggai Alif pun tak pa.. He is a good boy!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mini Cake

My first mini cake! Sukanya I when these mini fondant cakes were ready for collection! When Kak Gee ordered this.. I was very nervous! Truly! This is my first mini fondant cakes! I made the ribbon roses myself. Alhamdulillah! Betapa banyak kitab I bukak for this project. In fact I spent the whole day for this cake... just incase anything went wrong, I can always do again! LOL! Thanks much Kak Gee! I've not published the price at my menu yet.. For inquiries, please email yeah... Kak Gee wanted this as hantaran. I believe it is also good for doorgifts as well.. kan?

Azman's Golf Course

Aunty Abrizah ordered this cake for his son-in-law who is a golfaholic.. My hubby used to be one.. But, not anymore... Hubby was on his way back from Kota Bharu when I decorated this. Bukan apa, I just want to make sure, I positioned the toppers correctly. My dad pulak sibuk with his paperwork... and as usual my very helpful daughter, Dania gave me a few suggestions.. and they sound pretty logic to me.. And when I was about to snap this photo, hubby arrived! He complimented it! Phew! I'm glad this was correctly done!

Ben10's watch

Without the watch, Ben10 can't save the world! I just knew that! Thanks to Kartina, I had browsed the net to see how Ben10's watch looks like (I don't subscribe to the Cartoon Channel, that's why!). And I have implemented the watch on these two sets.. You can have them as the centerpiece... and also on the cupcakes.. whichever you like... and then today, I was decorating Ben10's watch on mini cuppies for Nora, when Dania told me that I'm out of one green dot.. Ceh! I thought I could do without that extra dot... but Dania claimed that it is the most important dot! Nasib Dania nampak.. but for these two, sorry eh.. takde 'important' dot.. and I tak sempat snap the one with the 'important' dot tadi. :-p

Coffee Mocha Praline Cake

You see, one of my new year's resolution is to practise 1 new recipe a month. Why I say practise? I've learnt quite a few but only practise some... I learnt to bake this Coffee Mocha Praline cake eight years ago from Mama Charq Jedi's daughter, Nurul. and when I wanted to bake in Jan, I called Nurul again to ask a few pointers.. Nasib Nurul tak marah.. .. LOL! So, there is a difference between.. 'I know' and 'what I do with what I know'. January was Coffee Cake.. and February was fondant.. where I prepare my own fondant and gum paste from scratch (usually, I just buy ready made ones..). If I may give my 2 sens worth to those of you who would like to venture into this baking business, you do not need to learn ALL recipes to start this business.. Don't worry.. Start off with what you know and what you have... and learn new things along the way. Or as Nike says it - Just Do It!.

And thanks Tini for the order..

Racecar for Nabil

Inspired by Racecar for Aiman, Liz ordered this same theme for her son, Nabil. I am posting this (even though you can see my race cars from Aiman's post) because it is a different kinda set.. It is a mix and match racecar... the middle one is half kg of choc.. 8" in diameter.. and the surrounding is 40 choc minis with car, road, star and 6 as the design.

Big Apple and Nuinfra

Congratulations Nuinfra on the launch of the Big Apple outlet at the SACC! I am a big fan of Big Apple.. Seriously! I just can't go there.. or I'll buy lots of them... In fact today, we just had 'em doughnuts for tea! and I am still craving for more! and thanks to Lyana for handling this order. It was a pleasure working with you dear!

Emilya & Faizal's hantaran

Yes... Emilya is one of the followers of this blog... Thanks much dear.. I'm touched. I have met Emilya a couple of times.. Her first order was a lovey dovey Mix & Match with the jersey cake in the middle.. I still remember she told me, her then boyfriend tak pernah makan kek... and now the guy yang tak pernah makan kek ordered the green Mix & Match hantaran for Emilya.. and Emilya ordered the square cream colored flowers with a tint of yellow for him... The then boyfriend is now her fiance.. sweet!

A bra for Dewi?

Zeti emailed me before she delivered her third child. She told me she wanted a sexy cake for her sexy friend, Dewi. Define sexy, was my reply.. and I showed her some sample pictures.. and she chose the bra on a cake. I was excited with this project. In fact, the month of February was not only a month of THANKING my customers with the 10% discount. It was also a month where I was given the oppurtunity to explore fondant toppers.. Honestly, I was contemplating to upload this pic.. tee hee hee... but my mom said... upload la... my mom is so cool! and thanks Zeti for your faith in me.. and congratulations on your newborn! BTW, did you know that Zeti was my school mate? Ceh... she forgot to mention this fact when she ordered the famous Zeti & Fakhtiar Anniversary cake! LOL! I have to say 'famous'... as many called later on to have the exact design!

Asyraaf's Power Rangers

Asyaaf had two cakes for his birthday, and both of them were Power Rangers!... and I understand from Kartina that he is the 'black one'... Happy Birthday Ashraaf!


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