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Saturday, February 27, 2010

This Is It

This is it everyone! It's time.. Time to reduce the number of cakes to bake.. Effective March, I shall limit the number of orders per day to 2 customers only... Good news is that I can still accept if you need cupcakes for door gifts up to 250pcs or a 3-tier wedding cake. I think, in April kot baru start 2 cakes per day.. So, if you are interested to order, please, please, please place your orders the soonest possible time to avoid dissapointment, and do not be angry with me, as I am only human with a big tummy. And I have started taking orders for April too. I am due, insyaAllah in May ... err end May kot..

Btw, as mentioned earlier, I collect all edible images every Wednesday, so pls place your orders for edible images at least before Monday, or better still, the sooner the better.. Like a customer once said to me - you can never change a birthday.. so order early to avoid dissapointment and again jangan la marah I if you missed the boat..

I am still unsure of my pace in making gum paste flowers yet.. last week, I main belasah aje accepted orders for homemade flowers.. nak dekat 50 kuntum kot.. Hari2 buat from 8am till 2pm.. Break at 10am.. siap ada jadual waktu.. and panic unnecessarily sbb takut tak sempat siap.. So, I rasa if you like the homemade flowers for your hantaran or you have a special color like lavendar, or lilac (instead of purple), pls place your orders at least 2 weeks earlier.. so I can make them dengan tenang.. Here are some of the pics for you to enjoy Some I mixed with store bought flowers..

I love the red and pink roses the most..

I had to mix this with some store bought flowers.. My stock for store bought flowers pun dah berkurangan.. Have to replenish them because the cheapest hantaran is the one using the store bought flowers..(in case you're on budget) :-) The price for homemade flowers is of course slightly higher, but still affordable..

and the lavendar.. oooh.. susahnya nak dapat warnanya.. tu, second attempt on the colors.. sekali nampak macam lilac, sekali nampak macam lavendar.. the advantage of homemade flowers is that you can almost get whatever color you want compared to store-bought flowers.. which is purple, tak de nya dia nak layan lavendar or lilac.. LOL..

And gambar yang enter frame this time is this shocking pink heart shaped requested by Mummy Eleen.. The theme was pink and black.. Well, I had to ask her permission to use shocking pink (since it goes very well with black - compared to pastel pink).. and she agreed..

And, this King of Pop's - This Is It was ordered by Leez for her son Nabil..Thanks Leez!

Till then folks! Have a productive week ahead!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


And last week, I've been working on dedication projects.. Bukan saja orang2 yang bercinta, tapi juga dedications dari London for her sister.. To start with, this is a Sailor themed cupcakes ordered by Wan Sue for her darling..

And then Eina called me up to order cuppies for her hubby. It was his birthday and their 5th anniversary.. Untung Eina, can be a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) which is a dream for many mommies - to see their kids grow in front of their eyes.. You are one lucky lady!

and this one from my school mate yang sedang bertapa di London for her sister, Zarita.. one lucky sister! Thanks Zarin for the order.. BTW, Zarin, I told you earlier that I wanted to experiment on the orchids and magnolia.. Tak jadi la beb.. sbb tak stress test the gumpaste flowers lagi - if they can handle being in the refrigerator.. :-p

and gambar yang enter frame this time is Ahmad Muadh's khatam Quran Mix and Match set. His mommy, Kak Siti ordered this, but she didn't tell me it was for his Khatam Quran.. so I drew a transportation theme.. I know.. my bad.. To Ahmad Muadh and Kak Siti, Congrats!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Birthdays, Clowns and Spa!

First of all, I would like to apologise to my customers who called me in the morning these few days.. whose calls were not picked up.. I have very limited time to bake, make fondant toppers, flowers and such.. So, please send me a text message or an email. I will reply to you the soonest I can. Talking about replying, I realised that my emails to my Yahoo customers did not go directly to their Inbox, but to their Spam instead. I yo yo lah stay up to reply mails, kononnya nak efficient.. rupa2nya masuk Spam.. oh well, we try the best we can to be super good.. Yang penting kita berusaha.. and then tawakkal.. and jangan lupa bersyukur... (peringatan untuk diri sendiri sebetulnya..) I would like to start today's post with this Birthday cake, requested by Wendy. It is for her BF's dad who is so into clowns.. She is so creative in determining on how the clown cake to look like.. See the 6 clowns? It represents Roger's 60th birthday.. I just help materialize her cake.. Thanks Wendy for the order. Ooh.. The space in the middle is for her to place the 60 candles.

This Ultraman is a repeat design, but I just realised that it was never posted anywhere in my blog.. So, when I explain to my customers, they had a tough time imagining it. Anyways, I'm quite sure you know that there are many types of Ultraman.. My 3 y.o Iskandar is teaching me which is Gaia, Cosmos and etc.. So, if you know your son's favourite Ultraman, send me the pic, so I can follow the costume closely. Thanks much Intan for the order.

and sapa kata Upin & Ipin are for boys only.. My girls love Upin & Ipin.. Saira called to order Upin & Ipin for her 2 y.o Aisha.. I went a little bit over board over the flowers surrounding the cake.. yeah.. the dr told me I'm carrying a girl.. Probably that's why.. :-p

And saving the best for last.. A spaish bithday! Noreen called me to order a spa-ish bday cake for her two girls, Adilia and Airissa..(sedap nama.. ada harapan I kidnap nama ni..) . Sungguh beruntung budak2 sekarang.. Noreen brought them and their guests to Feffy's Kids Spa .. Read all about it here..

ooh,, and ini enter frame sekejap.. masuk under entry Birthday.. I ingat dia punya birthday, rupanya Zarina saja order for Tasha.. (Zarina selalu datang collect cakes.. and none for Tasha.. huk huk.. ni macam kes I .. bake cakes for ppl but none for my kids.. :-p) I yo yo la ingat bday Tasha sbb Zarina wanted a Hannah Montana theme.. with guitars and all.. and Zarina texted me the next day, kata Tasha tak nak share the cuppies with her friends at school! Haha.. A compliment to me, that is.. :-)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bunga baru

Finally!! After many postponements, I managed to arrange a time with the famous Kak Jun of cupcakekasih for a gumpaste flower modelling class! .. I've been wanting to attend Kak Jun's class since middle of last year.. but our schedule asyik clash ajer.. So, on 3/2, I managed to get Kak Jun's time, and arranged the children's transportation for the day. Seharian bersama Kak Jun.. siap baca doa penerang hati so that ingat apa yang Kak Jun ajar, cepat tangkap ilmu yang diajar and so that Kak Jun tak bosan ngan I.. LOL... Banyak tips yang diberi, and I highly recommend her class to anyone anytime.. Kak Jun, semoga dilimpahkan kesihatan yang memuaskan dan rezeki yang berpanjangan.. Lepas aje belajar from Kak Jun the techniques.. apa lagi, terus buat the gumpaste and start making flowers.. Bukan apa.. takut lupa apa yang diajar.. Selain dari itu, start shopping for tools!! Merata pergi... Of course, my collection at this moment is not as extensive as Kak Jun's, but I don't wait to complete everything to start something.. Whatever I have and I can find, I do that first.. So far, out of 10 types of flowers learnt, I have made big roses, Kak Jun's roses, calla lily with ribbon, carnations and fillers.. Alhamdulillah I have customers yang have faith in me and let me explore even on their hantaran!! I would like to specially thank Zarina who always have the faith in me, Lina - congratulations dear on your engagement! And Allyza who is my first time customer who allow me to explore on her hantaran with carnations.. and Shayna with her ayat standard : tak kisah la Kak Shaz, janji lawa... Below are some pics.. Ada tu, I mix with store-bought flowers... sbb tak sempat,... Mana taknya, this week I've been working so hard to complete the flowers before 230pm.. Motivation to work fast: sebelum Iskandar pulang (exact words from Juriah..).. He really 'LIKES' to help.. :-D

and these are the final products...

oh... yang ni bunga beli dari kedai... tak sempat dah nak buat sendiri...

all in all, even though this has been a very hectic week, I am truly happy for having to implement what I've learnt from Kak Jun (Allah bless you, sister!) I look forward to my next victim (kidding!) so I can apply orchids, magnolia and camelia pulak.. Till then folks!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Guitar cake and Mermaid

Sebenarnyakan, I have loads of previous pictures to show you guys.. but I am too excited to show you my latest masterpiece. These 2 cakes were ordered by Sya for her darling hubby, Syam and her eldest daughter, Betty. Sya told me that Syam is into guitar these days.. nope, not the guitar kapak one... but the electronic guitar! I guess, pretty soon Sya kena renovate la rumah tu - buat jamming studio.. Tomo hanya layak menyumbangkan suara saja.. tapi, Tomo tak rock la! He is such a jiwang Anuar Zain and B Marantika (I dunno how to spell his name.. ).. I usually go to Artisan.Cake.Craft to rent my shaped cake pan, and to my dismay, the guitar pan (yang macam I buat Hannah Montana's guitar tu) was no longer available. Then, I head towards ICCA.Section.14, but guitar pan was not for rental, only for sale.. only the famous shaped ones, like Barney, Tweety and the sorts are for rental.. and I am not sure if I want to purchase the pan that would cost me RM65.. bukan selalu orang order guitar So, I've to think out of the box. There are 2 ways that I could think of - 1) Bake a 2 kg cake and carve it to the shape of guitar, or 2) 1kg enough, and use cupcakes to make the handle (is it called handle?? ). Sya loved the 2nd idea.. And the best thing about Sya.. she let me do what I want.. Sure is one super-cool friend! She sent me a pic of Syam's guitar and I painstakingly followed it closely.. with hubby reminding me that it is just an impression of the guitar that is important.. tak payah 100% sama.. :-p Yo lah tu

And for 8 y.o Betty, Sya gave me this picca. This is the only doll yang cantik kat BWY.. Yang lain rambut panjang ala2 punk - purple and brown! Boleh?

To Sya, thanks so much for the experience! Love u babe!

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