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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fondant Topper - My latest craze

Yes, I completed the Twilight Saga last week... Finally! Sunyi pulak after dah habis.. Tak de dah 'orang' yang nak paksa I tengok Michael Owen sepak gol! Nana pulak tengah 'cuba' ayat I baca Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edward Cullen's view - eh Nana?). I understand that this would be Stephenie Meyer's next book, but somehow she published the draft online... So, for you Twilight fanatics... apa lagi? download la.. macam2 ada... kata Nana, the edited ones yang tak masuk buku pun ada.. :-) I've not read the ones yang Nana sent to me despite last week was a pretty relaxing week. I suddenly got hooked on these fondant toppers! Of course, the inspiration came from all the talented sisters at flickr, Kak Jun, Kak Anita Jamal.. And when Natasha called me to order these miniature handbag and shoes, I was ecstatic!

And then Nawwar pulak ordered on behalf of her sister in-law(?) all the doctor stuffs.. Thank you Nawwar for finding the pics for me to follow... You're the best, love! (especially when you like to make me 'perasan' - LOL!)..

Till then everyone, enjoy the latest posts below!! Thanks much!

Red & White Hantaran

I hope Azi was not annoyed with me for asking her many2 times if both boxes were red & white theme... Seriously, I takut salah theme... My 2nd worst fear tuh. My number 1 fear is if I forget to bake for anyone. So far, not yet. Alhamdulillah.. I ter'bake' awal ada la.. (and pening afterwards on what to do with the product later).. LOL! I like this project because of the flowers.. I call the daisies - Kak Jun's daisies. Ish... Kak Jun, tak sabarnya nak pergi class... then again... nak buat kitchen jugak nih... adoi..

Brown & Gold Carrot Cream Cheese Wedding Cake

Seriously, I would be very worried on 2 things when it comes to wedding cake.. 1. if the wedding theme is brown and gold. 2. if the wedding cake is carrot cream cheese. For the first one, it is simply because, there aren't any ready made brown or gold flowers at the store. So, I've to make my own.. and I have a bench mark of what beautiful flowers are like... see Kak Jun's blog... and I am still far away behind when it comes to sugar flowers. I usually would recommend yellow flowers... as they are closest to gold, and I would use brown ribbons to put in some element of brown. :-) WRT the second one, you can have carrot cake as your wedding cake only if you have a freezer or refrigerator big enough to keep the cake before the cake cutting ceremony. Tak pun collect from my place like 2 hours before the event, should be fine. Thank you much Kak Zubaidah for your faith in me... To Wanie & Mian, Selamat Pengantin Baru

Sara's Wedding Cake

Sara rented the 3-tier cake stand. She wanted to have a fondant cake as the bottom tier and cupcakes on the upper 2 tiers. Another customer also wanted a similar wedding cake, and when she requested to see the picture, I just realised that I did not snap the final ensemble. Ceh! So, imagine sendiri la ye.. LOL! And to Sara, Congratulations!

(*I am still thinking what happened that day, that I did not assemble to cakes*)

Acu turned 41

And Zeti... ordered this mix flavors of choc and carrot for her birthday. And this was the first time I did a loud floral combo.. Selalunya, pastel floral or loud retro... LOL... Thanks Zeti! It was good to see you just now. Congrats again on your new born!

No.1 cake for Areeqa

Areeqa's mommy, Kamariah, ordered this No.1 cake for Areeqa. Thanks Anisa for the kind word of mouth.. The clock showed 2 am when I realised that this was not decorated yet... and I had a couple more to be decorated, and a trip to Temerloh the next morning. Knowing very well that, if I push myself to finish up decorating, it would not be as nice as this and I would be upset with my work. So, I slept first and woke up at 5 to complete the rest.. hehehe... I was very happy when Juriah told me how ecstatic Kamariah was when she saw the cake.. And when I received a text message from Kamariah, I'm glad I slept... :-)...

From Sao Paolo to Temerloh again

And this time, I delivered the cakes and cuppies myself... Of course, got tempted from Zubir who went the first time and his stories of the elephant sanctuary.. We didn't get to stop by the elephant sactuary though... but we did a little sight seeing on the way back, after eating the famous 'masak tempoyak ikan patin'... Well, Temerloh is known as Bandar Ikan Patin... :-)...
This time the package from Kak Nisa were for her niece - Puteri Amy Nabila and sister in-law, Amy Ezuna... To Mr Khairul and Kak Nisa, thanks much for this oppurtunity!

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