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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Errr... not yet

I had a truly hmmm tiring week. Apart from decorating more than 1000 cuppies for Shasha's wedding reception (Mama Charq Jedi's daughter), I baked a few cakes and cuppies myself.. cari makan.. LOL.. Oh.. the 1000 cuppies tu tolong menolong aje.. balas jasa orang yang ajar kita buat cake kan.. I am in my lazy mood to do just anything.. nak laze around aje rasanya.. but my days have been planned since last week already.. so, tomorrow, dah start sibuk again.. Sepatutnya, (ceh sepatutnya..) smlm or hari ni, buat la kerja2 blogging ni.. upload gambar.. etc.. tapi, tidur aje! Tambah pulak sekarang ni tengah loya2 aje.. lagi la mim alif lam sin.. \If time permits, I shall do some posting tomorrow. My WiFi pun satu hal.. macam biskut.. nak check emails pun slow.. tertidur-tidur. Just to let you know, character cakes slot dah full, edible images slot pun dah full. I collect edible images on Wednesdays or Thursdays.. So, tadi dah submit orders to Arie.. Even though Arie is very accomodating in terms of entertaining last minute orders, I tak suka la susah2 kan dia selalu... kan? So, no cake pics today.. InsyaAllah esok yah..

Friday, October 9, 2009

For a make-up artist

Kak Safiah ordered this through her sister, who is also my neighbour, Aunty Abrizah. I remember that I also did a make-up bag a few days after this cake alongside with girly fondant cuppies... Lamanya tunggu Zarina to send me the pics... Zarina balas dendam ya? Sbb Zarina lama tunggu I buat the fondant toppers. Alhamdulillah Zarina's hubby was so sporting despite he had to wait in the car for me to complete my job. I like that project, but I tak sempat nak snap the pics since Zarina dah tunggu lama...

btw, esok I busy tau... so, if anything urgent, ples call or text me...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Senjeev's Retro Cuppies

Sungguh! Asal orang tanya I, design apa ye for men? I would always suggest retro. Selamat gitu. Orang perempuan pun suka jugak dapat retro cuppies. We are not all that lovey dovey or sweet and pastel.. hello? I would introduce stripes and polka-dots in future. I am actually excited with a fondant hantaran this week, that requested polka-dots or stripes (haven't decided yet).. An english design. Seriously, I agreed to it just because it is different, and it is something I'd like to add to my resume.. I'm so excited! (FYI, I need to have this 'excited' feeling when baking or decorating - baru menjadi gitu.. that's why I chose the tag line - Mama Chak's Recipe - where every bake is personal.. so don't cross the baker.. haha!)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bowling Team

Mama Chak's Recipe's cupcakes are suitable for anyoccasion... even for a bowling tournament.. Heh heh.. Sebenarnya tak perlu occasion to eat my cuppies.. These cuppies were ordered by Liza, Wawa's colleague.. Segerombolan rombongan Cik Kiah datang to collect this cuppies. It was a pity that they came during lunch time and I am always on my toes come lunch.. or they could have stayed longer and chit chat.. To Liza and Wawa, thanks...!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Heida & Farid's 6th Anniversary

Sebenarnya Heida tergoda dengan design on my Hari Raya cake. She wanted a pink and purple design also for her 6th Anniversary cum 33rd birthday celebration. She also insisted to have a ketupat design on some of the cuppies. It was a last minute order, as it was a last minute decision to throw the party. Heida could not wait to see the set, and requested me to mms her or post on my fb.. boleh? somehow mms tak jalan - entah kenapa.. and I tak sempat nak post on fb sebab lari2 lepas tu pegi open house. I'm glad to receive positive feedback from Heida.. Thanks Heida for your faith and loyalty. Happy 6th Anniversary!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

From Redmummy to Nuffnang Team

I am still tired today despite the fact I took extra time to sleep after I sent Dania to school this morning. Woke up again at 920 am, ( I think) and got Juriah to massage my legs and feet. It was totally a busy weekend. Starting from Thursday, right until Sunday. With last minute orders that I find hard to say NO to, plus the pujuk rayu from my loyal and first time customers, and my mind figurring out whether to accept or reject the order. Nanti reject, takut esok lusa Tuhan tak bagi rezeki dah.. Tapi for this Friday and Saturday, I am already pretty occupied. Mama Charq Jedi's daughter is tying the knot this Saturday, and I shall be helping with cuppies decorating on Friday. I have accepted a few orders takat I larat buat. I may accept another 1 or 2 orders - simple ones can lah... like the retro, floral, lovey dovey or kiddy designs. But fondant hantaran and character cakes slots are already taken up. Jangan merajuk ya kepada yang call and texted.. sorry sangat2 I decided to start this week's entry with this Hari Raya cuppies ordered by the famous celebrity blogger. Why? Cuppies nye merah... bagi semangat sikit kat gue yang masih penat sebetulnya.. Cuppies were dedicated for the Nuffnang team. I was told by Red that Nuffnang twitted the red cuppies the moment they received them. Thanks Red for the order.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Untuk Mama

Lama tak upload gambar-gambar kek biasa. Asyik2 hantaran, wedding cakes, hantaran... .. Cupcakes pun lama tak upload kan? ala.. design dulu kala la... tak sempat nak perah otak for new designs.. So, today, I nak post gambar kek biasa... My ex-colleague ordered this for his wife's birthday. Alhamdulillah Zubir ada to send this to Mes1niaga. I kadang2 press my luck aje to get Zubir. To Satar, thanks so much for your loyalty to Mama Chak's Recipe, walaupun kat office tu dah ada pelapis2 gue yang semakin terer. Terima kasih daun keladi. (apasal la tak nampak option to change font to verdana... ?)


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