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Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Mak!

One of the reasons why I like to sell my cakes/cupcakes by recipe is that I can give options to my customers to mix and match... for example a 6" whole cake, and 12 pc cupcakes to accompany the whole cake.. like this one.. This is priced at RM60 (due to the lavish home-made fondant roses). Ommit the 4 lavish home-made roses cuppies, they are priced at RM40 only.

more pics

or like this: 6" whole cake, and the rest are mini cuppies.. Priced at RM50.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Amir & Mira

When it comes to boys, I always do not know what to draw.. :-p asyik2 kereta.. asyik2 kereta.. I think I should have a sketch book and store all the little boys favourite stuffs in it.. as well as gals.. and ladies.. and men... (ni satu lagi yang selalu pening).


5 days left to surprise someone at no additional packaging cost!

Many have taken the advantage of it... even if the cakes/cupcakes are not meant for Father's Day.. tee hee hee... like the following boxes... just let me know that you want the special packaging, yeah.

more pics here

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Intan's Fondant Heart

It was for Intan's cousin, I believe... and that was the last packet of pink sugar paste flowers available at the baking supply store. Alhamdulillah! phew! musim kawin/tunang kan... So, sementara I nak terer making my own sugar paste flowers (coming soon!) please place your hantaran/wedding orders the soonest possible... bukan apa... takut tak de bunga of your theme... (sorry gambar gelap... u know la kan.. :-p)

different angle here

Fauzi & Wanie's Engagement

The theme was turqoise and silver, and no sugar paste flowers were used in this hantaran set. Selamat bertunang Fauzi & Wanie!

More close up pics here

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Selamat Pengantin Baru Nazle & Rozie

I met Kak Rozie on my first day as an intern with m3s1n1aga. Always beautiful and radiant... Selamat Pengantin Baru Kak Rozie... semoga ke syurga...

see more pics here

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ashley turned 4!

and Joanne ordered Minnie Mouse cupcakes for Ashley's birthday. Themed cupcakes is RM55. Thanks Joanne for the repeat order! Happy Birthday Ashely!

Happy 4h Birthday Suzana!

Suzana's mommy requested a mix flavour of choc and butter cupcakes for Suzana's 4th birthday.. I am glad when Yang texted me that everyone loved the cuppies.. Alhamdulillah!

Happy 11th Anniversary Kak Liza

I suka sangat everytime Kak Liza call.. Her chirpy voice and energetic tone can easily make anyone happy. It certainly was nice to finally meet you Kak Liza.. The Man-U jersey was for her hubby.. birthday katanya.. 1/2 choc moist special project is RM 35, and the All-Cheese with Peach topping is RM 52.. Kak Liza, Happy 11th Anniversary!

3-tier Wedding Cake for Shahida & Haslin

and this is for Shahida & Haslin... yang ke hulu ke hilir.. even before the big day itself was Suzana! Dengar kata sebutir nasi pun tak makan ye Kak Su!... and the theme was maroon red..

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

3-tier Wedding Cake for Yum's sister

The past wedding season, I was touched with many gestures from the bride/groom's immediate family members. They were the ones running up and down making sure everything went well on the big day. I was blessed to have worked with some of them.

Since there was another wedding on the same weekend, Yum didn't get to use the cake stand, hence the pillars. And I noticed this time around, most of the wedding theme is gold eh... I do not have gold sugar paste flowers, so I used yellow sugar paste flowers instead. Enjoy the pics! The 3-tier wedding cake is priced at RM 255 only..

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Father's Day Special - Free Packaging

For Father's Day, Mama Chak's Recipe is giving a special packaging service for all cakes and cupcakes orders without additional charge! Exciting huh? Look at these Mother's Day Packaging.

Call Shaz at 016-606-9168 or email to place your orders.

Offer is valid for the month of June! So, it is for any occasion! Just let me know if you want the special packaging. Price? Click here : Cupcakes and Cakes


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