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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Individual Box

Today is Tuesday.. why do I feel like it is already Thursday? Iskandar is not feeling very well, so hubby decided to let him stay at home.. and I translated that as, stay in the room. He was quarantined not because of his mild fever, but to ensure that he didn't see me doing my fondant toppers and gumpaste flowers hahaha.. evil mommy.. I gave him food, toys and tv programs.. and whenever we heard him make a single 'ek', we quickly run to his rescue.... and made sure his needs were entertained... However, I still have to complete my work before 2pm, because it is exam week for Nurin and Dania.. Tak pasal mak depa kena remember the function of eustachian tube, Akaun Penghutang and the sorts.. Science and Commerce are so not my favourite subject.. Luckily tomorrow, Nurin is having Math, so I persuaded her to do Math while I finish up my toppers. And now, I ayat her to coach Dania Science, before doing revision for Sejarah.. I am taking this precious time to check my emails and post this.. I would like to introduce this new box for individual packaged cupcake. I so love the window at the side and the handle option. There are 3 ways in tying the ribbons for this box; ribbon on top or ribbon on the handle or ribbon around the box (which picture I don't have).. Yes, the price also depends on the ribbon option you choose. Email me for quotation ya.

The window on top box is still available upon request (kena request awal ya). However, transparent box is no longer available.

I would like to thank Kida for making me search for this box (since my window on top box is out of stock - and is still out of stock) and found this beautiful box. And I would like to thank Miss Ong, for making it possible for us to get the box within such a short period of time.. Dahla nak CNY pulak tu.. Alhamdulillah, dapat the boxes in time for Kida's reception. Find Miss Ong's beautiful boxes here.

Below are Kida's cupcakes for her reception.

I was worried over boxes and ribbons (since CNY - byk kedai around my area tutup), that I neglected the flavour Kida requested. She requested chocolate flavor, and I made vanilla! SubhanAllah.. that incident haunted me till this day. It was totally my fault. I failed to check the flavour which is the most important thing.. Getting Kida to forgive me is one thing, forgiving myself is another.. It is like justifying to God that I've donated loads of money to Haiti, I just tak solat aje.. Can kah? :-p (don't get me wrong... I tak kata customer I Tuhan ya.. jangan salah tafsir. Sesungguhnya, Allah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang..).. Even though it is easier said than done, (believe me, I've been saying this to myself almost everyday), mistakes happen as I am only human and not perfect, and I pray that I am a better person everyday, learn from my mistakes and not repeat them. I do hope that someone would learn from my experience. Yes, experience is our best teacher. But other people's experience is a much better teacher.. :-)To Kida, Congratulations! Semoga sampai syurga.. Amin..


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