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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Speed Posting - Assorted designs

Today, while waiting for Mr Hubby to wake up for breakfast, I decided to post old pictures (stories sudah pastinya tak ingat dah.. serves me well huh!?). I have new pictures too.. Tapi, memory card reader entah ke mana and I need to charge my battery for my camera to get the pics there.. Tawakkal aje amik gambar pakai my handphone.. leceh nak edit and all. At the same time, I'm praying that my wifi will not give up on me.. so, I can work quickly and efficiently.

Here are some cakes ordered last year.. I think around July ke bila.. Just to feast your eyes and to let you know that I am still actively baking despite my big tummy yang I kena belajar adjust so that tak kena cream everytime I decorate :-p..

Ada yang request to have number cakes other than no 1, honestly, I do not have the tin to bake those.. The number 1 tu, I guna technique cut and well, paste.. LOL. I believe you can do that for other numbers, tapi, gue tak terer gitu.. So, for other numbers than 1, I would draw them. :-D.. aci tak? kalau customer kata, aci.. aci la.. Customer is always right, kan?

The Lego themed cuppies, rasanya lagi cantik dibuat guna fondant topper gitu.. baru nampak 3D effectnya. However, some customers prefer the cream ones, and I try the best I can to materialise the lego with cream. (gambar ni kecik la pulak.. nampak tak the dots?)

This Bob the Builder was ordered by Heida.. Heida is one talented baker tau... I like her creations!

And Mr Bean! Of course guna edible image lagi cun compared to my drawing.. But, since some prefers the cream, so ...

Mr Bean boleh la draw... tu pun the Mr Bean the cartoon.. the person, of course not.. same goes to disney princesses.. sungguhpun cartoon.. takut jadi hantu nanti.. :-D. BTW, I noticed kat kedai2 bakery pun dah ada ready made edible images for Princesses, Ben 10, Upin and Ipin, Spiderman.. So, if I am using the ready made ones, the price of the cake is a lot cheaper compared to the pre-ordered images..

Well, till then..

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Nurses' Day

Oh dear me! I noticed I still have not posted this yet.. This is for the nurses at University Hospital (nama dulu.. skg dah tukar nama, kan?).. Eid ordered this in conjuction of Nurses' Day last year, together with a Thank You card for the dedicated nurses. I was expecting to find a 'Happy Nurses Day' card, but takde langsung. Alhamdulillah jumpa card ni, which I believed would convey the message effectively. As of date, Isa is still in the hospital.. InsyaAllah he'll be home soon... Amin.. Eid, jangan marah lambat benor nak post this entry.. :-p

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well, I rarely have time to update my blog these days.. With the new year, all cakes have to be ready before the kids come back from school. I intend to spend more time with them and less time with cakes.. (as if!).. Anyways, while waiting for Nurin to clear up her books, I decided to post something... and realised that they are still many pictures from this old PC that are yet to be uploaded... (sebenarnya terkenangkan gambar2 lain yang tersimpan dalam laptop yang dicuri... hmmm... gambar2 yang bagus nak ditambahkan ke dalam resume.. oh well... don't dwell).. So, I am choosing this pic to be uploaded in this blog this time.. Sesungguhnya tersangat lama... Ni birthday babies for Feb, March, April 2009!!! LOL!.. Anyways... hope to feast your eyes in some ways.. Nanti I cari gambar lain ya.. Oh ya! Happy New Year to all! Let's make this year a better one!.. xoxo..


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