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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Intan's 4hr wedding cake

Seriously! I shall remember this date forever... 25/12/2008.. It was the day I spent 4 hours making sure Intan's wedding cake was smooth... Intan wanted a square cake at the bottom and a round cake stacked on top... She wanted to use fresh flowers ... so the flowers, I tak letak, her talented aunt did...

If not because of my husband forcing me to just stack the round cake... or in his exact words... LETAK!! LETAK!!!... I would have probably spent another hour making sure the square surface was smooth... hehehe... Mana tak nya, Intan who is a medical student in Melbourne, is such a perfectionist.. and she specifically mentioned that she wanted a smooth surface.. Dah macam-macam doa I baca... and when I finally stack the round cake...I am relieved... and when Intan texted me that she liked the wedding cake the most... I slept well that night... Thanks Intan darling! Zidni is one lucky man!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Faeza's Hantaran and Wedding Cake

Faeza ordered the red and white mix and match fondant cake with black swirls or I like to call it kerawang as the hantaran... and a mix shape stacked cakes for the cake cutting ceremony with Kak Jun's daisies. I'm relieved that Faeza loved both designs... I am more relieved that she liked her weddding cake... First is because, it took me quite some time to come up with 12 daisies! - 2 hrs kot! (no wonder sugar paste flowers aren't cheap... especially when they are home made flowers) and second, I am just afraid the design is not up to the traditional malay wedding cakes standard... u know with lavish flowers... and all (itulah masalahnya bila bukak the english cake designs...)..I had a great time having the gals (Shikin, Zuriati, Faeza who always got all excited when one cake box is opened after another... merekalah my cheerleaders... )...

Handbags and shoes for Nihad

I am touched with Nuha, when she texted me to order cuppies for her 11 y.o. sister, Nihad... Nuha is just 14... I'm quite sure Nihad ni manja dengan Nuha ya... Thanks Nuha..

Lovey Dovey 3rd Anniversary

This was ordered by Ayu on behalf of her sister... Her sister's 3rd anniversary.... Semoga kekal ke syurga!

Hantaran: Pink & White and Gold

Ilda insisted to order the hantaran set even though she had to downgrade her dream from hantaran fondant with Kak Jun's daisies to cream base with sugar flowers... Dah nak bawak all the way to Kuala Kangsar like 5 days before the akad nikah.. Bagi I panic aje.. At least the cream ones, can be stored in fridge and good for 2 weeks. The fondants tu, I takut dia melekit aje simpan dalam fridge, and worry that the color of the daisies would smear the white fondants nanti... I'm glad she still like her downgraded dream cakes.. To, Ilda, Selamat Pengantin Baru... amboi... lamanya cuti...

From Ukraine

An email received from Munawarah, who is now studying in Ukraine... She wanted to surprise her fiance with a birthday cake.. Initially wanted an automotive design using fondants... but I could only accept simple orders that weekend.. To Munawarah, thanks much!

Untuk Isteriku

Romantic sungguh Fairuz, when he called, he sounded excited and a little bit shy when describing how he wanted the cake... I was smiling from ear to ear... and I tried to control myself from letting he know that I was excited too! This is for his wife's birthday... Nurul... Happy Birthday Nurul! You lucky gal!

Hey Mickey!

I know I mentioned I would not draw Mickey Mouse... on cupcakes... On cake.. I think the outcome is quite OK... tee hee hee.. Happy Birthday Yusuf Iman!

Khalil's Ferrari

Khalil is my nephew... My cousin's only son... OMG he is a brilliant boy... He is now 7 y.o.and he is so into cars! Ferrari is his favourite.. He can go on and on and on with the cylinders la.. powerla.. and I would be lost in the conversation.. (more like lost in translation)... and when he was ard 3... he knows most of the flags of the world... all the countries which I had trouble pronouncing, he pronounced them well! So, this was last year's cake,... I lupa nak upload.. sbb gambar ni mak dia yang amik.. and posted in my fb.. and many have asked me on a ferrari cake.. so, here it is.. and design ni, I followed closely the one Khalil likes. (promised Kak Nina to bring Khalil to fly kite... but the weather is just too hot!)<p>

Adam's Stacked Clown

Siti sent an email with some pics of fondant stacked cakes... but she wanted them in cream... and design ikut suka... as long as can go along with the clown hired for the event... Bertuah Adam... And sebenarnya she wanted the No.1 cookie... but I'm not into cookies yet.. So, I suggested the No.1 candle.. Tapi tak de gambarnya kat sini... (macam over lak I, if I ask her to snap the pic with the No.1 candle..) dahla sarat mengandung... To Siti, Thanks much for your faith in me.. and all the best giving birth to the next one!

Barbie Pegasus cake for Princess Soraya

Rahimah ordered this Barbie Pegasus for her daughter's 4th birthday.. Soraya... who will one day marry a prince (betulke Imah?)...

Hello Kitty for Eiliyah

El ordered this Hello Kitty for Eiliyah... Jenuh I cari baju, pencil, pencil case budak2 ni... as a reference... then bila dah sudah...

Dania: where's the mulut
me: mana ada mulut
dania: adala...
me: NURIN!!!!! (on top of my lungs!)
me: got mulut or not?
Nurin: where got? see.... (showing pics..)...
the next day..... El came over...
el: tak de mulut eh?
me: nope... dah check.. tak de mulut... :-D

No 1 Cake for Rifaie

Lina called me at 11am for a No.1 cake to be collected the same night... While chanting in my heart 'for the kitchen, for the kitchen'... I accepted the order.. Tapi, for boy, kan... I selalu sungguh la tak ada idea... I'm glad Lina loved it when I showed the cake to her... Thanks dear...

I provided plastic balloons for her to stick next to the clown later on...

Hakim's 3D Car

Serina ni kan..... suka bagi I panic that week... From Monday, the order was brought forward to Sunday, then Saturday, then Friday at 6pm, then Friday at 2pm... For being the person who sat behind me during matriculation, duga menduga ni memang best... Yang paling best, datang amik kek, and then kebetulan ada extra cupcakes.... apa lagi... Shikin (Serina's colleague and now classmate) and Serina dok sapu cream and deco sendiri the cupcakes... before menjamu selera... I don't mind decorating cakes in front of these 2 ladies.... kalau org lain, I rasa, I panic sikit... conscious... LOL... ... Owh.... objective of this post: Serina ordered this 3-D car for her son! Dania yang suggest suruh letak the smile... Thanks Dania!

Adila Husna's Disney Princess

Wannie and I used to like the same guy when we were in high school... LOL! And I remember that guy used to tell me that Wannie's handwriting was the prettiest he had ever seen, while mine was ugly.. it still is ugly.. LOL. I'm not sure if Wannie's handwriting is still the prettiest... as she is now a doctor... an anaesthetist to be exact.. (proud of you dear!)... Well, Wannie is now married with the hottest guy in her uni way back then... I married the hottest guy in my uni too (heh heh)... dunno what happen to that guy we liked... LOL!... and we are now blessed with everything God has given us..... And for her eldest daughter's birthday, she ordered this disney princess cake... To Adila Husna, Happy Birthday dear!

Tottenham Hotspur Fan!

Their boss is a Tottenham Hotspur fan! And the team decided that it would be a perfect cake for their boss! Thanks Maya for the order... Hugs!

05/05/2010 - Image removed as requested by the Hotspur Club.

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