I'm more active in my FB fanpage: Mama Chak's Recipe.. So find updates there.. No, I'm not abandoning this blogspot altogether.. It just that I could not find the time to write!! *cries*.. Menu & Price List is still valid.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary Zeti & Fakhtiar

I am glad Zeti loved this as much as I enjoyed decorating it... She just told me to decorate cantik2 ya... and nak love shape... and when I suggested the colors of red and choc, she just agreed... :-) Mula tu takut jugak nak suggest the colors, sbb some ppl suka sweet and pastel.. some nak bright.. hehehe.. Congratulations Zeti & Fakhtiar!

Shaza's S & Y

I'm glad that I can always count on Shaza to snap pics for me. Shaza ordered these with a special design she wanted me to follow.. the S Y initial with choc curls which she designed herself. I like the final touches of the door gifts.. the pink ribbon and the butterfly were all done by Shaza and her family. Cantik, kan?

I was running around the day Shaza collected the doorgifts. Sent my aunt from JB and mom to Ikea, and fetched them afterwards, and decorated cuppies in between, and out again to deliver cakes and not forgetting Hannah.. hehehe...I feel fulfilled when I am able to serve my parents and my relatives despite my current busy lifestyle.. I would feel more complete when I cook dinner or lunch for the family.. which is very rare.. haha!

With the new year around the corner... I am yet to do again my Declaration of Excellence.. I am not waiting next year to accomplish them.. I've started by doing periodic updates to my blog... hehehe... Nak update blog pun kena berkejar... Ni pun boleh update sebab Hannah tidur, and Mas pergi outstation.. Else, I kena duduk comel2 ajer.. *wink*

Monday, December 15, 2008

Peach & Cream for Nadia!

and Nadia didn't want any green... :-) so, this is how it looks like without the leafy green yeah. I had fun working on this project with my kids helping me out folding 750 boxes.. By the way, Nadia decorated the boxes herself! yes.. Nadia, the bride! Nadia took the boxes 2 weeks before the wedding and gave me all decorated boxes ready for us to fold. I didn't sleep the whole night decorating the cuppies and packing them up. Alhamdulillah Hannah was such a good baby.. I fed her at 1am, and then at 6am.. *phew* .. To Nadia and Megat Azizi, Congratulations! I am glad that both of you are safely back from your honeymoon :-)

Bahtera Cinta

tee hee hee.... Kartina wanted to give a hantaran cake as a present for Khairul's cousin who got married on 12/12, and his cousin chose this particular cake as published in majalah Pengantin, credit to Choffles. She wanted it exactly like that since the future husband works as an engineer on a ship. Not a pirate yeah! I got Kak Jun to help me do the pirate... Kak Jun is my role model.. I've been a secret admirer of her ever since she worked as a reporter in a magazine. I didn't realize this excellent cake maker is my idol all this while.. You have to visit her blog. Her designs are really exquisite and breathtaking! Thanks dear Kart, for your trust! tee hee hee

Shades of Yellow

Zura texted me that the theme color was gold. To me, the gold organza ribbon is sufficient enough to go with the theme, and the cuppies can be in any color, tapi, tak mau la caca merba kan.. :-). I suggested shades of yellow to Zura and she agreed .. :-)

Peach & Cream Combo

This hantaran set was ordered by Etty for her cousin. The theme was peach.. and I added cream, so as to have two tones of colors besides the leafy green. I had the pleasure of chatting with Etty while she patiently waited for me to finish up decorating the mini cuppies she ordered. Heh heh.. I yang gatal nak pergi walking with dear hubby jugak pagi tu...*wink* so secara tak langsung Etty and I ada bonding session lah that morning.. hehe. Thanks Etty!

Shawqi is 6!

and another Ben10 added to my collection! I so love edible images... and I got it from Ayu or some know her as Loveliana. Check out her blogspot if you are a baker and looking for edible images, or if you want to learn on how to decorate cakes. I have witnessed Ayu teaching her students on some cake decorating technique (when I dropped by her house to collect the edible images) and I tell you, it was so fun! Some also have asked me if I teach...hehe.. not at the moment... :-) with Hannah around and Iskandar... adoi!

Pink and Peach Combo

Design nya sama dengan the other designs, but I still post this due to its color combination. Sometimes I receive calls from customers yang wonder how the color combination would look like.. Then again I cannot promise to get the exact color macam dalam gambar ye.. :-)

Luke & Chin Yue turned 11..

Luke and Chin Yue turned 11 and Adrienne, Luke's mom ordered this no 11 cake for their birthday.. And here are some pics of cuppies for little prince and princess.. (I am hooked at The Tudors now.. mini series of the Eng1and dynasty, that's why the choice of words..)

All the way from Muar..

Ena called me from Muar to order some boxes of cupcakes including this one. Initially she wanted to come over and collect the cuppies herself for Farah & Firdaus... but somehow the trip to KL was cancelled.. But, she still managed to taste them when her brother brought some back to her. Ena also re-ordered some more for hantaran and doorgift recently... tapi I tak sempat nak amik gambar... Hopefully if Ena snapped some pics.. it would be great for my collection.. Ena, thanks again.. and the next time you come up to KL, make sure you drop by my house yeah! xoxo!

Selamat Hari Lahir Ibu

This request came all the way from Melbourne... I got to meet Intan's CH when he came to collect the mix and match carrot cream cheese. InsyaAllah we'll meet again on the 27th ya Intan.. :-)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

J0nas Brothers

I am so KZ (ketinggalan zaman) nowadays! Thank God that I am in this cake business. By decorating cakes for kids, I am still in the world of disney, and at the same time get to know the current teenage craze - the Jonas Brothers! Thank you Tengku Rozina!

On a different note.. I am glad Nurin and Dania are safely back home from their 10-days holiday. When they were not around, I was singing the tunes of Broery Marantika's Bulan Sabit apa ntah ajer... dah lepak ngan Mas aje kan..... I'm glad they are back to hip hop me again!

Little Mermaid for Dania

My second daughter, Dania turned 8 on November 20th, and wanted me to throw a party for her. Musim cuti sekolah kan.. Orang semua dah pergi holiday... and it was kinda last minute preparation. So, I just brought her to Artisan Cake Craft where I usually rent the novelty tin and got her to choose what she wants and she chose Ariel, the Little Mermaid. And mentang2 lah mak dia yang deco the cake, she wanted the lips to be pink instead of orange... Suka hati kau la Dania.... and also since it was a last minute thingy... I could not find a party planner to conduct the games, so I hired Nurin, and her friend Celine to organise it! The kids had fun and most importantly Dania enjoyed it! So, whoever needs help organising games for your kid's birthday, you can also call me yeah... They are 12 y.o. so their price is very reasonable *wink*

Sarah Alya's Disney Princess Cake

Sarah's dad, Zafrin was a colleague of mine at M3siniaga. He wanted me to bake Sarah's cake exactly as per the photo he forwarded to me. I'm glad to know a week later that Sarah was happy with the cake... and so was I! Thanks Zafrin! and Happy Birthday Sarah Alya!..

On a different note, Sarah was also one of the names in my head for Hannah... Mas Sarah Seroja.... best jugak, kan? and so was Elisa.. Mas Elisa Seroja.. tapi Elisa tu 3 sukukata la.. plus Mas tak nak letak nama Elisa sbb nama kawan dia.. kecoh sungguh :-p.. I pun ada kawan nama tu jugak.. :-p

Ben10 for Hazim Firdaus

Leen, Hazim's mom ordered Ben10 for Hazim's birthday. Dania was not around when I did this, else she would be elated... as per her words.. 'Ben10 tu boyfriend Dania dulu.. masa kita ada Cart0on Network'... I made the right decision to unsubscribe to that channel! *phew*.

Happy Birthday Hazim Firdaus!

Red & Pink Anniversary Mix & Match Cuppies

Lyana's friend ordered this red and pink mix and match set for a 2 in 1 celebration... Anniversary and Birthday...

50 tahun Jubli Emas

This was ordered by Tengku Rozina on behalf of her uncle for his parents. The size of this cake was 12 x 17 inches with both parents' edible images in two A4 size on top. It surely is a brilliant idea to celebrate their 50 years anniversary!

Selamat Pengantin Baru Alif & Nurulhuda

This wedding cake is for hubby's cousin... Alif. We usually give wedding cakes as our gift to cousins and yang sewaktu dengannya... Senang gitu.. and I get to try out different types of wedding cakes... :-) Selamat Pengantin Baru Alif & Nurul!

Chocolate Swirl and Green Roses for Hantaran

I didn't get the name of the bride and groom for this hantaran cake. I liased with Linda, if I'm not mistaken, the bride's sister... Note to self: Get the bride/groom's name! Linda mentioned that the bride wanted chocolate swirl on white cream with green sugar paste flowers on top.

Selamat Pengantin Baru Fairuz & Hashima

The theme color for Fairuz & Hashima's wedding was lilac and blue. This was a last minute order and I could not find any lilac/purple roses... so, as discussed with Lyana, we agreed to have the cream in lilac with blue flowers on top.. Congratulations Fairuz & Hashima... and thanks Lyana!

Gold theme wedding cake

When the theme color is gold.. I would usually suggest yellow or white roses... as I have not seen gold roses sold in store before.... If you know where to find them, let me know! :-) We can still have a touch of gold using the organza gold ribbon tied around the pillars.. or use the satin flowers sold at SSF (nope, I've not done that.. but I know it turns out pretty too). Thanks Saiful for this order... This travelled to Seremban for his sister.. I'm touched!

Selamat Pengantin Baru Ika & Nizam

Pink and Green were the theme color for their wedding, and I chose shades of pink and parrot green for the icing. I kinda like this parrot green nowadays.. unless specified to use pastel green or no green at all.. otherwise, parrot green is a must!

These cake and mini cuppies travelled all the way to Ipoh! Mazni mentioned that she arranged the mini cuppies arround the wedding cake with the bride and groom's edible image on top.

Selamat Pengantin Baru Ika & Nizam...

I remember decorating their cake and cuppies with hubby reciting poetry on love... yeah... he is 'si penyair' who can easily come up with poetry just like that.. So, these were decorated with love in the air.. *wink*

Monday, October 13, 2008

Welcome Mas Hannah Seroja and Selamat Hari Raya to everyone

Ramai tanya kenapa dah lama tak update blog.... tee hee hee.. Alhamdulillah, on 21st September, 2008, aound 1:30 a.m. I gave birth to my 4th child, Mas Hannah Seroja, now 24 days old. :-).. That's why...

I am now bored being under confinement... but has already accepted orders effective 21st October... takat boleh buat yeah... and will be going at full speed 10th November onwards.. (5th November nak celebrate anniversary.. so, kasi can la ye.. tambah dah terlepas kandang nih.. :-p)

As you can see below, I have posted some pics yang tak sempat upload, to feast your eyes.

Last but not least, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin from the Mas clan... From left is hubby, Mas Fazulah Bohairi, Mas Zahid Iskandar, Mas Dania Dalilah, and me with Mas Hannah Seroja, and above is Mas Nurin Nasuha.

Selamat Bertunang Asrar & Yati

Raida had her own container to put the cupcakes for hantaran, and wanted only buttercream frosting, without the sugar paste flowers for the event. Thanks Raida, and Selamat Bertunang Asrar & Yati...

Teen Titans

Honestly I do not know what or who Teen Titans are.. I've unsubscribed to the Cartoon Channel about a year and half already, that's why... tee hee hee.. Thanks Mimi for the order..

Fun & Colorful Cupcakes

Carol requested this fun fair theme with cotton candy, clown, ice cream and balloons, for a school function... Tengku Mimi ordered Mickey & Minnie Mouse themed cupcakes for her twins... I think the next time someone ordered Mickey & Minnie theme, I'll suggest to have them in edible images! Lagi cantik gitu... Another one was for Nita for Dania's birthday...Thanks much!

Mix & Match - for all occasion

for hantaran, your kid's birthday, or colleagues birthday...

BTW, yang hantaran tuh is fondant mix & match .. I actually wanted to do my own flowers for that.. tapi dunno why probably due to the weather ... my flowers didn't turn out the way I want them to be. Alhamdulillah ada marroon roses kat kedai!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mikail's Doraemon marks Mama Chak's Recipe 1st year online anniversary

When Kak Zaida ordered this Doraemon cake for Mikail, I just realised that it marked the 1st anniversary for Mama Chak's Recipe online.

This month, last year I had butterflies everywhere. And many thoughts came to my mind.. Ada ke orang nak baca my blog... ada ke orang nak order from there.. hahaha.. I still remember the excitement when I received my first online order from customer-now-turned-friend, Zarina... :-)

And throughout the year, I have turned customers into friends, gained knowledge from fellow cake and cupcake makers, learnt new techniques (a lot more to learn too... ), practise patience (kah kah kah..), as well as time management (ye ker? jap.. lemme check.. err.. still working on it :-p), grateful for my family's support, especially darling hubby, instill self belief and always believe that rezeki Allah ada di mana saja.. Just doa, kan?

InsyaAllah in December, I shall create some kind of promotion to thank all of you who have supported me in my new venture. I dunno what yet.. Nanti I fikir ye.. Why December? 1) That marks the 1st year being a full time cake maker.. and 2) this month tak boleh la... keaadaan tak mengizinkan.. So, sabar ye... and again THANK YOU ALL!

Hantaran and Hantaran

Hajar pun ordered this last minute.. She wanted 2 sets.. One for the groom and the other for the bride. Alhamdulillah I have some green sugar paste flowers (and I baru perasan I didn't snap the green set). As for the pink set... I had to make the roses myself.. and proud of them.. Alhamdulillah they turned out the way I like. :-)...

and ni pulak was ordered by Serina... purple theme with some touches of pink... For these, I mixed and matched my pink fondant roses with the store bought purple roses.

More Mix & Match and Swirls

I am impressed with the ideas given by my customers... I pun tak terfikir nak buat cam tu.. The blue one is from Shikin to her brother.. and she requested the symbol pi.. and I told her that I no longer have my math books.. please refresh my memory wrt the symbol.. :-p (sungguh teruk!) and another one was designed by Bayani... Thanks dears!

The best of both worlds!

My heart was singing to the tune from Hannah Montana.. best of both worlds... when decorating this cake. Dah lama I tak tengok the series (since we discontinued the Disney Channel... pergh!). Anyways, Mimi ordered this for her 9 year old Mysa Alia and asked me to surprise her.. (when I asked too much questions like color theme, bright or soft...). Anyways, the final product - I loved it and glad that she liked it too... (Yes Mimi... I am still thinking on how to make your son's Optimus Prime in 3-d and full size too or half size this weekend...suka tau challenge me.. :-p)


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