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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Purple themed Hantaran

This is another hantaran cupcakes with purple theme and purple sugar flowers.The hantaran set is priced at RM55 per recipe (24 large cupcakes). The hantaran container can fit only 12 large cupcakes.

The remaining 12 cups shall be decorated without sugar flowers.

Note: Price is valid till 30th April 2008

Deepavali projects

My hubby was in KK when he called on Deepavali, asking me what I was doing. I answered simply, Cakes. And he laughed. And said ' Kesiannya, orang public holiday, cuti. Dia public holiday, buat kek'. Then I realised, come 1st December, when I finally retire after having served the company for 10 years, to do cakes full time, I may need to work during weekends and even public holidays.Well! Do or die, huh? So, these are some pics that I managed to snap. I hope they might drool you.. :-D

Friday, November 9, 2007

Lightning McQueen & Thomas the Tank

I had the priviledge to bake this two cakes for Amirul.. Happy 7th Birthday Amirul.. Both are choc moist cake, and priced at RM 75 each.

Yes! We do have delivery service

I am pleased to announce that MC's new delivery service is RM 15 to areas like Klang Valley, Gombak, Cyberjaya and Subang Bestari. Previously, it was RM 25 outside PJ, and RM10 within PJ. Call to enquire ya...

Monday, November 5, 2007

Hantaran Cupcakes

This is Hantaran cupcakes with sugar paste roses in a round container, tied with gold organza. I like this container as it has small holes on top. Tak de le terpeluwap (dah lama tak guna this term.. ala2 in science class.. proses pemeluwapan.. :p). This is priced at RM 55.

And some cupcakes design for you to drool again... Choc Moist Cupcakes (24 cups) is RM44, and Butter Cupcakes (24 cups) is RM 37.

Open Houses Here and There

These are some of the pics I managed to snap while running around between baking, decorating and packing... There are some that I wished I have snapped, but was already time to deliver. The third and fifth photo shows blueish gray cream, but it is actually lilac.. It must have been the flash from the camera that caused that. These are butter cupcakes, 24 cups per recipe, priced atRM37 per recipe.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Al-Faath's Forever Dearest

This cake is for Al-Faath dearest.. Half recipe (approx 0.5-0.8 kg), priced at RM24.

Happy Birthday Salha!

Photos courtesy of Al-Faath.. Thanks!


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