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Sunday, November 8, 2009

wrt blogging

aduhai... ampun maaf diminta.. So many things happened.. penat nak cerita.. Apart from the pregnancy story you must have guessed from my previous entry, then orang pecah masuk rumah and stole laptops, handphone, camera etc, and my recent getaway for my 15th years wedding anniversary this year! tu yang tak jenguk2 my blog ni...

memang 1st trimester I am always sooooo lazy to do just about anything.. I am truly praying that this would just be a phase, like my previous pregnancies. Dulu, nak angkat telefon pun malas.. SubhanAllah..

then the stolen handphone is seriously a disaster to me,... as I keep all and I mean ALL orders in the phone calendar,. segala contact, segala details... huhu... A blessing in disguise that I didn't take many orders due to my condition, so I kinda remembered who ordered, and seriously PRAY that the person would call! Hahaha! and they did! Alhamdulillah... (though seram sejuk aje bila nampak orang park kereta depan rumah... takut depa nak amik cake, but NO cake!) Tapi, sapa2 yang order in November and December via text message and phone calls earlier... pls call me...just in case I tak ingat

Alhamdulillah, the thieves didn't see my working camera, and Alhamdulillah sangat2 that all the pics were not transferred yet to the stolen laptop.. so, masih ada lagi pix for my resume.. :-D.. and we are very very blessed that the thieves already found the goods, that they did not knock on our doors,.. Alhamdulillah..

Till then everyone... I am not sure yet when to upload the pics... depending on the mood swings I suppose.. hopefully not for long kan... amin..

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