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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mikail's Doraemon marks Mama Chak's Recipe 1st year online anniversary

When Kak Zaida ordered this Doraemon cake for Mikail, I just realised that it marked the 1st anniversary for Mama Chak's Recipe online.

This month, last year I had butterflies everywhere. And many thoughts came to my mind.. Ada ke orang nak baca my blog... ada ke orang nak order from there.. hahaha.. I still remember the excitement when I received my first online order from customer-now-turned-friend, Zarina... :-)

And throughout the year, I have turned customers into friends, gained knowledge from fellow cake and cupcake makers, learnt new techniques (a lot more to learn too... ), practise patience (kah kah kah..), as well as time management (ye ker? jap.. lemme check.. err.. still working on it :-p), grateful for my family's support, especially darling hubby, instill self belief and always believe that rezeki Allah ada di mana saja.. Just doa, kan?

InsyaAllah in December, I shall create some kind of promotion to thank all of you who have supported me in my new venture. I dunno what yet.. Nanti I fikir ye.. Why December? 1) That marks the 1st year being a full time cake maker.. and 2) this month tak boleh la... keaadaan tak mengizinkan.. So, sabar ye... and again THANK YOU ALL!

Hantaran and Hantaran

Hajar pun ordered this last minute.. She wanted 2 sets.. One for the groom and the other for the bride. Alhamdulillah I have some green sugar paste flowers (and I baru perasan I didn't snap the green set). As for the pink set... I had to make the roses myself.. and proud of them.. Alhamdulillah they turned out the way I like. :-)...

and ni pulak was ordered by Serina... purple theme with some touches of pink... For these, I mixed and matched my pink fondant roses with the store bought purple roses.

More Mix & Match and Swirls

I am impressed with the ideas given by my customers... I pun tak terfikir nak buat cam tu.. The blue one is from Shikin to her brother.. and she requested the symbol pi.. and I told her that I no longer have my math books.. please refresh my memory wrt the symbol.. :-p (sungguh teruk!) and another one was designed by Bayani... Thanks dears!

The best of both worlds!

My heart was singing to the tune from Hannah Montana.. best of both worlds... when decorating this cake. Dah lama I tak tengok the series (since we discontinued the Disney Channel... pergh!). Anyways, Mimi ordered this for her 9 year old Mysa Alia and asked me to surprise her.. (when I asked too much questions like color theme, bright or soft...). Anyways, the final product - I loved it and glad that she liked it too... (Yes Mimi... I am still thinking on how to make your son's Optimus Prime in 3-d and full size too or half size this weekend...suka tau challenge me.. :-p)

Ella's Dearest Soulmate

This was also ordered by Ella for her dearest soulmate.. Mr Shahriman... See, I told you this month is lovey dovey month... :-p

2-tier wedding cake

This was a last minute order. I could only find 1 last box of purple sugar paste roses from the store (after visiting 3 stores).. Musim kawin kan... Orang pun borong la the sugar paste flowers... So, I pun kelam kabut buat mine.. just 2 big roses (1st time buat big roses.. I usually do small ones..).. and I stopped as the color tone tak sama with the one bought from the store.. Ella told me, ada pink roses pun Ok.. So, told Ella that I'll mix them with white roses too.. And on the night to decorate, what a horror! 2 out of 3 store bought big purple roses were so unacceptable! Ada macam fungal at the bottom of the roses! So, my 2 self made roses came to the rescue.. even though the tone tak sama... konon2nya macam shades of purple la gitu. (Note to self: buat bunga sendiri la lain kali... kah kah kah... tapi nanti mahal la pulak nak jual kat orang.. sbb beli kat kedai lagi murah.. ). (Note to readers: for wedding cakes, please place your orders earlier.. ). Anyways, this is the final product.

Land Cruiser for Abg Nan

After the Subaru post, I believe Ateh got the inspiration to have a Land Cruiser cake for Abang Nan... :-) Men and cars eh... Happy Birthday Abg Nan! Many happy returns!

Fatin Nabihah's Fairy Theme

I honestly have to thank Mum for her ideas wrt to the theme.. I usually turned down requests to draw faces.. especially Barbie or Princesses... especially on mini cuppies.... but hey.. think out of the box.. Thanks Mum not just for your ideas... for everything... xoxo!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Selamat Pengantin Baru Fare & Tim

and last but not least... saje je I post this last.. tee hee hee.. Fare and Tim's wedding door gifts! Juriah and I sent the doorgifts at the hotel by 6pm rasanya.. Fare & Tim had the reception by the poolside.. and tak sia2 I menonong ikut ke poolside even though Juriah dah ikut (just to make sure they handle with care).. and terpukau I kejap with the arrangement.. dengan bunga rose dok bergantung in test tubes.. dengan gambar nikah Fare and Tim in white frames pun bergantung jugak .. When they came over the next night.. baru la I tau.. those were all their idea.. and they did them themselves! ingatkan pakai wedding planner... cayalah! I hope to see Fare's uploaded photos soon.. (just in case I can find the final product of my cuppies in the box tied with ribbons.. *harapan* - kan tak sempat amik gambar). I just managed to snap this. Design ni Fare yang bagi found from the internet,.. so, disclaimer: not my idea yeah.. but the roses were hand made by me.. :-)

So, that's all folks! I've to get back to my kitchen now.. Till then.. take care... *Hugs*

Retro & Abstract designs

I know I have not come up with a design list yet... Asyik2 buat flowery and kids theme, kan.. kalau men, dah pening.. So, now I'll introduce another design which you can opt for.. especially if you love bright colors... introducing the Retro cuppies..!!!! :-) Suitable not only for men.. but for anyone! Besides Retro, I also have Abstract designs... dalam gambar ni is a mix of Retro and Abstract..

Happy Birthday Shifa!

And this one was a request from my mom's friend, as a door gift for guests, for her grand daughter's 1st birthday. During this time, semua sedara mara dah balik.. kalau tak ada yang kena ikat riben lagi.. or put sprinkles.. kah kah kah! I apologise gambar tu ada flash... my Pak Tam kata kena beli flash yang hala ke atas lebih kurang RM 1K + regenya... (haiii! nanti dulu lah Pak Tam)

Happy Birthday Baby Izz!

Zizi requested the mix and match cake to be exactly as Ayu's Bask1n R0bbin's mix and match.. though I have to apologise to Zizi as the purple color for the cake turned out to be too pale.. My fault! I pun dah tak ingat Ayu's cake exact colors. Then again, to achieve the exact tone colors is pretty difficult.. I failed many times.. Sat jadi macam ni, another time jadi macam lain. And the camera pun sama... some colors you see were actually purple in life, but they turn out to be blue when snapped.. So, I will now remember, the next time, I shall ask my customers, if they want the cake to be soft colors or bright... :-) and make disclaimers.. hahahaha.. Some ppl takut nak makan kalau bright.. but some ppl just love bright colors, ye dok.. Again, Zizi, thousand apologies.. *hugs*

Selamat Pengantin Baru Siti

Eleen came over to the house with hubby and kids to discuss on a wedding cake to be given to her sister in-law.. Bottom tier is 10" and top tier is 6"/ Here is the photo.. (hmm... masa ni sempat lagi nak snap... :-)). Selamat Pengantin Baru Siti

Happy 40th Anniversary Mommy & Daddy

Sebenarnya, I don't have any intention to post anything yet.. sbb penat last week macam tak habis lagi and I still have a few more to decorate today.... Truly, last week was a very hectic week... It started on Monday and Tuesday when I did 400 pc of sugar paste roses for Fare's wedding, to be used on the 9.8.08. Plus ramai orang kawin 8.8.08... Deco punye deco sedar2 dah azan subuh... Slept at 7 am and woke up again at 830 am, to continue decorating, packing and tying ribbons... Nak jadi cerita, my parent's 40th anniversary pun on the 8.8.08... and we had a small kenduri doa selamat, where my grandparents, aunts and uncles from north and south came over.. and the next day, 9.8.08 we had a surprise birthdat party in advance for my grandpa... Thank god for family! They were the ones who helped me tie ribbons on Fare's door gift... And I had a few special projects also that weekend which tak sempat nak snap..... I tak ingat aunty yang mana tanya I.. "Besides the ribbon, nak boleh tolong apa lagi?" and I said "err.. boleh tolong decorate cake tak?" and they laughed... and she said "huh.. yang tu, you buat la... kitorang tolong ikat ribbon aje"... So, yang mana yang tak confident nak ikat ribbon tu (my small cousins), tolong potong ribbon, tolong pack dalam kotak... again, Alhamdulillah for family! Anyways, my parent's anniversary cake ni, niat di hati nak buat 3-tier stack cake.. tapi apakan daya.. 2-tier pun, 2 tier lah! I kena siapkan before maghrib, sbb nak solat jemaah and baca yaasin... kul 7 pm after fetching Dania from school (I jugak!) baru ada idea on how to decorate the cake.. Owh btw, the top tier is Oreo Cake, and the bottom tier is Chocolate Marble Cheese Cake... I belasah je the recipes for I wanted something different from my usual menu.. I should have known to arrange the Oreo cake to be at the lower tier as dia ala-ala lagi tough compared to the Chocolate Cheese.. heh heh... tak pe la saudara mara I aje yang makan... And the beautiful doorgifts, I got it from Cool huh! Thanks Azrina!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A token of appreciation from Molly

Molly gave me a pic for me to follow on how she wants the regular cuppies to be like... but that was a fondant cake with red fondant roses on top.. Nak buat fondant roses tak sempat since she called me in the morning and I promised to get the cuppies ready the same night.. So, we discussed on how we can turn the fondant cake look into regular cupcakes... I'm glad Molly was satisfied with the results... and so was I!!!

This is before the red swirls..

and this is the final result:

She also wanted another set of mini cuppies with purple swirls. (I notice this swirl cuppies are a hit after the pink & purple post :-) )

Thanks Molly for the experience!

More Hantaran....

Besides Meera's hantaran, I also had the priviledge to work with Zarin and Su..Su ordered this as a gift for Nabil & Hanis... and Su pun sibuk buat hantaran for them ye... terer gitu...

And Zarin ordered hantaran cuppies for her sister's wedding... Sorry la Zarin tak dapat pegi wedding tu... as a present, I upgraded the hantaran cuppies to hantaran fondant cuppies .. the small yellow roses and apa-ntah-nama flowers tu were hand made by me :-) .. I kinda promised Zarin more flowers.. tapi dah tak sihat... sempat buat yang tu aje... mujur la the store-bought roses saved the day...

Power Puff Girls on Mini Cupcakes

I just realised that I do not have that many collections of cartoon characters for girls on mini cuppies... I do not count Elmo, Barney and Sponge Bob even though I've decorated those for many girls... as to me those are unisex characters... Minnie mouse tak aci jugak, as can only be decorated on regular cuppies. So, I was glad when Mum ordered PPG on mini cuppies on behalf of her friend.. Thanks much Mum... Sorry tak sempat jumpa.. (bawak Iskandar and Nurin pegi clinic).. Awak pun lari2 jugak kan, hari tu... :-)

SUBARU for Syawal

And ni pulak, SUBARU for Syawal... I tak sempat nak interview Fiza lama2.... but I believe mesti Syawal suka SUBARU, hence the idea... hmmm last week was wife/girlfriend's week of expressing love for the spouses eh? (what did I do last week to show my love towards Mas?? *hmmm... macam nothing jer... alamak!)

A Drum Set for Asrul

Ina ordered this mix and match special project for her sweetheart Asrul. The drums were made ala-ala 2-d and they were all made of cupcakes... :-) and surrounded by lovey dovey messages to Asrul... (err... yang I tiba2 in cloud 9 kenapa ye?). I'm glad Ina loved it.. Thanks Ina for the challenge!

Selamat Pengantin Baru Sani & Meera

Lepas Iskandar tak sihat, both Nurin and Dania pulak.. and then me.. Lepas decorate 1 cake, tidur.. then decorate another ... then tidur.. and was kelam kabut jugak completing the weekend cakes and ensuring all cakes were taken before 10 am Saturday... sebab hajatnya nak pegi wedding Sani & Meera at Janda Baik. Come Saturday morning, Mas (my hubby) kata tak payah la pegi.. since semua orang baru baik demam... cis!! penat gue menyiapkan cakes till wee hours on Friday... sampai tak sempat nak snap pics.. (Bayani... tolong ye... nanti Bayani hantar gambar... I'll upload one more).. In the mean time, I'll share with you guys some of the projects this week and last.. this pic is hantaran from Meera to Sani.. (after many many discussions over the email :-)). The door gifts tak sempat nak amik gambar lar.. (hmmm writing tak nampak sangat sbb I resize the pic...)

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