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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mix and Match

Posted entry three times this week huh! I knooowwww! :-) I didn't expect this myself.. But, no... not because rajin this time.. But, my darling hubby is on leave next Monday and yes.. I have to be the pretty wife and not mess up with flour or cream! :-p. So, I'm gonna be quick.. sbb Iskandar pun tak berapa sihat.. There are some more pics in my camera.. tapi tak sempat la nak transfer.. So, yang ni dulu, eh..

These were some of the mix & match projects requested by Ayu and her gang. You can do many things with 1 recipe.. say you want 12 regular cups with the rest as mini cups, or 6" round cake with 12 regular cups.. All at the same price (as the cake price is per flavour/recipe.. not per size). I noticed Ayu and her gang loved carrot flavour. The ones who have tasted that usually come back for more! And if you notice the 6" cake ni tak tinggi sangat compared to vanilla or choc flavour (macam gambar
ni).. Reason being that carrot cake ni ada banyak bahan2nya... like, carrot, raisins, walnut and pineapple... besides the flour, sugar and the sorts.. :-p so, dia berat la.. Enjoy the pics yeah.. Till then... Errr.. perasan tak Ayu punya macam theme color Baskin Robbins! (alahai crave for the Jamoca Almond la pulak!)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another request from Australia

Here is another request from Australia. From Nor to her family.. thanks Intan for the word of mouth/blog... :-D

Monday, July 21, 2008

Red & White

Today I decided to post my entry early, even though mata tak larat nak bukak, sebenarnya.. :-p

InsyaAllah, this would be one of the unusual week, as my baking/decorating starts Monday, compared to the usual Wednesdays... Iskandar is still asleep and the rest are at school.. so, I've to quickly upload last week's photos and get on my feet.

Nothing extravaganza happened last week... just the usual mini character cuppies that you guys dah tengok selalu.. so, I'm not gonna upload the pics. Everytime I do the character cuppies, I would usually have Nurin with me.. While she practises her UPSR exam papers, I would then ask her.. 'Kakak, OK tak ni? Jadi tak?" and she'll give some tips here and there... or "Kak, mama nampak macam alien jer (when doing Ultraman)" and Nurin would reply.. "Ultraman memang alien".. :-p or "Kak, kalau mama tak draw Sponge Bob nye eye lashes OK tak?", and she'll say.. "tak boleh! kena draw!".. Cis! Ingatkan nak ngelat tadi..

And then I noticed that the most complicated character is Sponge Bob... dengan matanya nak kena ada biru jugak... with the eye lashes.. and his red pimples, and his square teeth.. and his tounge.. and his freckles... Tapi kan, si Nurin ni OK sikit... she is like my pillar of strength when decorating, while Dania would either come and say... "this is nice... but this... kena peachy lagi color dia"... sungguh hard to please...

Eh... banyak pulak tulis this time,.. Anyways, before I go, I would leave you guys with this pic... if I am not mistaken it was for an engagement party.. Mum and her cousin/friend (not sure) ordered mini cuppies with red and white theme. Oleh kerana teruja nye Mum tengok the Pink and Purple swirls from the previous post, she also wanted that.. Yang I pulak tengah unsure how they would look like when decorated on mini cuppies, sbb the pink and purple were done on regular cuppies.. I'm glad they turn out well.. and Mum and cousin/friend loved them!

Note to Mum: sorry dear tak sempat jumpa,... kelam kabut getting ready for Dania's taekwando grading exam... (macam mak nye la pulak nak pergi grading.. :-)

More close up pics here

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pink & Purple, Purple & White

I tak taula berapa kali I dok chant 'Pink & Purple, Purple & White' while doing this project. When I asked Asmah, if she wants just swirls, or flowery design, she said... up to you. Sabar je lah cik kak kita ni.. Anyways, here are the outcome:

Shasha's and Disney Princesses Edible Images

When I opened Shasha's pic sent by her mom, Raida, I just couldn't take my eyes off her. And when the edible images were ready, still, I kept looking at her pics. When my hubby saw her pics for the first time, he said "SubhanAllah, anak sapa ni comel?"... Suka kami nengok... Raida ordered choc and orange cupcakes, 15 edible images of Shasha, 15 disney princesses, and the rest of the cupcakes are decorated with the princess theme, like carriage, castle, tiara and rose in the glass (remember Beauty and the Beast?). Happy 3rd Birthday Shasha... Many happy returns.

Dedication from Australia

Terharu I with this request from Intan, specially dedicated to her fiancee on his birtday... Many happy returns Zidni... BTW, this is the link to Intan's wordpress.. I believe Zidni took the pic better than I do..

Fondant Cupcakes

I totally forgot to post this last week. I mixed and matched the sugar paste flowers bought from the store with my own self made fondant roses. So, the small ones were the ones that I made.. :-) Usually, I do the fondant flowers on Mondays/Tuesdays, as these days are my uploading pics/blogging/napping/spring cleaning days. I usually get busy with cakes on Wednesdays-Saturdays. Thank you Norliza for the experience and her trust in me.. :-D

Monday, July 7, 2008

Pink and Purple Weekend

I must say.. last week was a pink and purple/lilac week.. For one, Nana ordered this No.1 Cake together with choc moist and carrot mini cupcakes, with a special request to limit colors to pink and lilac, for Jannah. I tak sempat nak snap the carrot ones, but the designs sama aje.. cuma carrot's frosting is cream cheese.. so warna dia light yellow lah.. :-)

And, Serina requested to have this 6" whole strawberry marble cake in baby pink, as well as 12 cupcakes with the names of everyone in the family.

and then when I thought that the baking had come to an end, Mariam called asking for another set of mini chocs. Good thing she wanted buttercream as the frosting, as all my choc ganache were all used up.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Juwena turned 25

and Kartini ordered these orange cupcakes for her sister.. also taking advantage of the free packaging in June.

I would also like to introduce our new transparent door gift box (RM3 without ribbon, RM 3.20 with ribbon you provide, RM4 with ribbon we provide)

Photos courtesy of Tini.. Thanks much!

Happy Birthday Sofea Zahra

Now I wonder why I did not snap the Dora! But the pic is here if you wanna see it. Elle ordered this choc moist Dora (RM75), together with these orange cupcakes with Dora's face as door gifts (with ribbon: RM2.50 each) to her guests! Nice knowing you Elle! and Happy 2nd Birthday Sofea Zahra!

Hantaran & Door Gifts

I received this order at 10.30 am Thursday morning for an engagement ceremony the same night. My delivery guy could only deliver it by 4pm that day... and I was left to decide on the theme. My question was gold/silver? Bukan apa.. I need to wrap the board... and unless the theme was gold and silver.. it was fine.. else it would clash. So, I mixed and matched the sugar roses so that they complement the silver board (as advised) and organza ribbon.

Different angles here

and these too were some last minute door gifts from a different customer. Alhamdulillah I already have the marroon ribbons (thanks to Zahara!) Door gift is RM 2.50 per piece.

More pics here

Alia's Spook-tacular Birthday Bash

Intan sat next to me when we were in 3rd Form (not so long ago.. tee hee hee). How I love technology... It brings back old lost friends. For Alia's 11th Birthday, Intan ordered this haunted house cake.. with grave yards and ghosts! It was a shame we could not attend! Intan posted me photos of them all in ghostly costumes... with Pochong, Red Devil, Dracula.. and all sorts... Happy 11th Birthday Alia!

More pics

Mini Sponge Bob & Friends for Shafi Faris

Happy Birthday Shafi Faris... Beribu kali I tengok Aunty Khaleda's text message just to make sure it is Shafi Faris and not Faris Shafi... Thanks to Happy Cakes for the inspiration.


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