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Friday, April 30, 2010

Hantaran :: Pink, White, Red...

Hari ni dah 30/4.. Initial intention was to accept orders until this date sahaja. And then, a regular customer, Siti who ordered a stacked clown for Adam's first birthday requested a Chuggington cake for Adam's 2nd birthday on 2nd May. Hard to say NO to my regular customers who have supported me for three years now. :-) And 2nd May jadi 3rd May for Adibah... and then she postponed her party to 4th May, so 4th May pulak jadi last day to bake cakes. And then other regular customers who happened to know that I would be taking a long leave pakat order jugak, and siap text me that they would pray for my health. Thank you Kak Lili.. xoxo... I am excited to post a creation I did today, materialising Dahlia's 1st birthday cake... Tapi, I have a lot more pending pictures to upload.. I don't like to mix birthdays and weddings.. So, since the last post was about birthdays, this one is about hantaran and wedding cakes... Starting off with my favourite customer, Farah Donna who always have faith in me.. (this also reminds me that I have not uploaded Farah Donna's and Farah Dinna's sons' cakes.. sabar ya.. Nanti I cuti, I geledah semua folder I.. ). Farah was the 'orang kuat' for her brother's wedding early April... This hantaran was requested by her mom. Theme color : pink and white.. I'm glad to receive a text message from her informing me how pleased her mom was with the cake.. I'm so happy!

And for the reception, Farah ordered this 3-tier wedding cake for her brother. I'll post different angles of the cake in flickr ya..

Haa... yang ni pulak ordered by Aliya on behalf of her friend. The theme was white, and she requested white flowers on white cake..

Besides this white fondant, Aliya also ordered this pink and red cuppies as hantaran.. I'm not sure now which one was for the groom and which one was for the bride.. Hentam sajalah Labu..

And saving the best for last.. Wani was fascinated by the roses I learnt from Kak Jun and ordered Red Roses for Arie and Ida's hantaran. She wanted 8 roses.. and I tell you this - I made 17!! Cos Wani wanted 'merah hati'.. and my first eight flowers macam tak jadi merah hati.. and I had trouble to eliminate the corn flour .. Alhamdulillah Wani ordered early and I didn't waste my time to do the flowers.. So, I can investigate, find solutions and resolve the issues... And I am very, very happy with the result and so was Wanie.. Aaaah... sukanya terima text message. Bukan sekadar acknowledge dah terima cake.. tapi melahirkan perasaan gembira pulak tu.. ah.. suka hati.. InsyaAllah, I akan upload different angles of the roses nanti ya... To my teacher, Kak Jun.. you are the best! Tengah congak2 ni bila nak boleh pergi kelas figurin.. :-p

Till then everyone. Take care and be well.. Doakan I tau.. xoxo..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Serina's Masterpiece

So many ppl have asked if I conduct classes.. LOL... Not yet la ... However, I can't say NO to my friend, Serina, who begged and begged and begged.. And I finally gave in. The first class, she came with Shikin, and Serina brought her own cake and cupcakes. So, I taught her how to cover them with buttercream and some designs yang simple2.. floral and a little bit of kiddy designs..

Yesterday was the 2nd time she came to learn alone.. (Shikin, ke mana kau? Pergi makan kat Chili's ya.. :-p). And yesterday was Hakim's birthday.. Serina decided a clown theme for his birthday, and since he is 4 y.o, so 4 clowns on the cake.. So, difahamkan she spent Monday to bake the cake and buy all the decorative items, like the clown heads, HAPPY BIRTHDAY candles, etc. Sesungguhnya, cikgu ini banyak songel. I got her to get the butter cream ready, and bring small tupperwares. Nanti color la kat rumah I and lebihnya boleh bawak balik.. :-) .. Best jugak mengajar when everything student yang bawak.. Well, barulah boleh claim that the cake is 100% your creation.. betul, tak?

Maka, ini adalah hasilnya.. 100% buatan Serina.. I did the clown on a tin, and she applied it on the cake.. Terrer tak anak murid I yang sorang ni? Buat hati berbunga gembira aje.. :-D

BTW, kelas ni hanya sejam aje.. Sejam lagi sembang.. She came at 9 a.m and left my house at 11am.. :-D

Monday, April 19, 2010

Stacked Birthday Cakes

Hari ni sepatutnya sibuk... dengan gynae's apptmt lah, nak cari Iskandar's bedsheet lah.. Semalam cari2 kat Aussino - tak de yang boyish design.. So, hopefully the Lightning McQueen yang I tengok many moons ago still available kat Subang Parade. So, now I have some free time to post one entry and some pics..Quick ones yeah.. I know you guys dah boring dengar cerita ntah apa2 from me lately, kan?.. I find that stacked cakes are very popular these days.. Starting with Foxy Farah's cake, well actually Farell's cake; yang gambarnya I dah masukkan dalam flickr, tapi tak create any post here in my blog. Many were inspired by the cake and requested stacked cakes too for their little ones' big day, like the Spa Cake. And this was requested by Suhaili, for her 1 y.o daughter, Malaeka.
The theme was pink and green.. and accompanied by these regular and mini cupcakes.

Owh, btw, check out this awesome photographer
Triplets Plus One, who took pictures of Malaeka's Pool Party . I pun teruja with her packages.

Ni pulak ordered by Jazz for her 1 y.o Sofieya AsZahra.. Panjang sungguh namanya. InsyaAllah, kalau sempat, I'll post different angles of the castle in my flickr. I tried to materialise whatever Jazz wanted. She wanted rainbows, and castles.. and many more.. I buat semampu I.. and was thrilled that she and her guests loved it.. And I loved decorating it too..

Ni pulak ordered by Kak Siti from Klang for her dad.. Names at the blue hearts tu are her sibblings, mom, kids and/or nephew and/or niece.. Tak sempat interview salasilah keluarga. Since this was a delivery, I also sent her an mms of the cake. Best kan teknologi masa kini...?

And gambar yang enter frame this time ada 2.. :-D. Winnie the Pooh cake for Dania's 3rd birthday ordered by Ina. Masih belum ada jodoh jumpa Ina, sbb everytime dia datang, I kena amik or hantar budak sekolah.. ada yang keluar pukul 2.. masuk pukul 2. balik 3.30.. kadang2 nak masuk 8 kali keluar masuk rumah..InsyaAllah Ina, next time, kalau ada jodoh, kita jumpa juge...

And this was ordered by Puan Mastura for her 14y.o daughter.. Her daughter actually sent me an email describing how she wants the cake to be like. And I was very impressed with her mail.. macam orang dah kerja.. Sungguh proper.. :-)

And satu lagi gambar yang enter frame is this cupcakes. My neighbour Kak Salma ordered these cupcakes for her 1 y.o granddaughter, Laila, as doorgifts for her guests.. And I just realised, I tak ambil pun gambar doorgift tu (rupanya macam ni.).. LOL.. Mana tak nya. Kak Salma wanted the doorgifts delivered to her house (which is just next door) by 8 am last Saturday. Of course, the cuppies were all decorated by 930pm - Friday. And I purposely didn't want to pack it just yet, sbb I nak tengok the cuppies 1 by 1 and ensure that semuanya cun before sending to her. So, I woke up at 430am and put the cupcakes in individual boxes. Tak sampai hati nak kejut Juriyah to help, even Dania did offer to help with RM5 upah, tapi tak bangun pun.. :-p ..By 630 am, Juriyah pun help me with the cupcakes, and all 200 of them were sent to Kak Salma's house by 730am. And I tak amik gambar pun.. Ni antara design yang I mms to Neena (Laila's mom), and then I got bored with the design and added butterfly, bubbles etc. (inspiration pun dari langsir Dania yang I beli last week tapi tak jahit lagi.. Kena buat TO DO LIST lagi sekali ni.. Baru seronok tengok the items got cancelled off the list..


.. Till then.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hati berbunga gembira!

Sudah semestinya.. Sbb tengahari tadi, baru jemput Juriyah dari LCCT!! Yang paling gembira - Nurin lah.. Sbb dia lah yang paling banyak buat kerja masa Juriyah tak de.. Since last week, I duk tulis orders for 15th onwards.. Sengaja tak nak buat lagi esok. Mana tau Juriyah tak jadi naik kapal terbang. LOL! Bagus jugak tak start lagi.. Sbb kebetulan masa Juriah kena balik tiba2, I dah schedule org datang cat bilik budak2.. So, banyak brg2 kena ubah. Ni Juriyah dahbalik, boleh la jahit langsir dan start spring cleaning. Tadi, hajat di hati nak jahit sendiri tempat tidur baby or to be exact - get my mom to sew.. Tapi, kamdar kat SS2 tu tutup pulak.. Maka dengan itu, singgah Babyland to buy the rest of the baby stuffs including the pillow cases, bolster and comforter. Habis cerita.. Tak payah nak jahit dah for the baby.. (terkilan jugak sbnrnya.. Sbb the other kids, I jahit sendiri. Hannah aje yang my mom jahitkan).. Oh well.. I have 3 days to clean up my part of the hse.. Hopefully sempat lah kan.. dgn keadaan diri yang nak tunduk pun penat.. :-p .. Anyways, ni I try blogging from my E71. I'm not sure how to upload pics from here. I bet it can be done. So, if this post goes without pics like my previous post, jangan marah aaa.. I tengah gode2 ni the functions while I teman cik abg sayang tengok bola.. Till then! Take care!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On leave

I should have posted this last week, but I did not have the time to do so. My helper had to go back immediately last week, and I was left with a list of orders from my customers, unwell toddlers, school going children, sleepless nights, and the list goes on.. :-p ..

I honestly would like to apologise for the un-answered phone calls and the late reply emails. I do appreciate if you could send me a text message instead of calling me. I usually reply all text messages daily, if not immediately, as sometimes I am driving when you text me, or changing the diaper or bathing my kids or putting them to sleep.. I would reply the soonest I can. If you don't get a reply from me by the end of the day, it might mean that I do not receive your text message. It happens. Langsung tak bermakna, biz dah laku or I dah sombong. Just text me again the next day yeah..

If you require a quick response from me, again, send me a text message. Email is not a pretty good option, as I might be having problems with my wifi.. Inform me the date you want the cake/cupcakes and what u have in mind; i.e Bob The Builder. If I am available on that date, then we'll continue the discussion via email. I hope this arrangement works.

In the mean time, I would like to inform you that I shall not be accepting orders till the 15th of April. I will be on leave effective 5th May till end June, insyaAllah.. I shall see if I am capable to start baking again with child no.5 when July comes ya.. Kita hanya mampu merancang, hanya Allah yang menentukan.. Right?:-) Till then everyone.. Take care.. If I sempat curi time upload previous pics, I shall do so..

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