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Sunday, April 22, 2012


For what? Hahaha.. Assalamualaikum everyone.
I was supposed to plan my schedule for the week while waiting for the girls to clear their study table.. and I realized that I haven't been blogging..
Earlier this year, I vowed not to accept orders that would interfere with my tutoring. And guessed what? I failed. Even though Dania's marks improved, but I personally think that I (see the word I and not she!) could do better. So, next month is mid term exam for the children. I'm take time off from baking and focus on them.. Lagi berapa hari je nak UPSR ..  Better be safe than sorry.
I'm pretty diligent (err sometimes) to update my photos in my Facebook Fan Page.. So, most pics are there if not in flickr. I shall re-arrange my blog so that you can see my latest creation straight away. Senang gitu kan? Cuma nak post with stories - aisey .. tak sempat lah.. I apologise ya. So, click on flickr and like my fanpage..

and by the way, a big THANK YOU to everyone who has placed your trust in me to bake cakes for your occasion, who still have faith even though my work aren't perfect. I humbly thank you. And due to your overwhelming orders, I have now ventured in a partnership with a few people to help me with my creations. With Zarina's help, I can now focus on my orders, and have her worry on the figurine department! A wonder woman she is. A marathoner too! Also, Amy for the desserts department. I am getting my cousin in-law, Nurul to get into the candy buffet business. I seriously would like to venture into this area. I am surrounded with cousins and aunties who are great in making all these sweet tooth delicacies. I have also hired a few part-timers to help with my work.. Currently, my full time workers are just Juriah and the machines.. :-).. Masih tiada PA.. hahahaha! Jadi maaf jika email atau SMS lambat dibalas. And sekarang ni, synchronizing orders are my greatest challenge, as there are now many channels: SMS, email, whatsapp, fb- personal and fanpage.. It is a challenge to juggle that and bake at the same time. Seriously takut jika ada yang tertinggal. Makanya, I appreciate your help to remind me via sms a few days before your collection date. Just in case, ya.. I am just human.. :-)

I pray for your well being and success in this world and hereafter.
Take care ya..

Lots of love, Shaz..


Hasnita said...

Just to share with everyone UPSR exam scheduled from 11 to 13th Sept. 2012


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