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Saturday, February 4, 2012

3D Cakes, anyone?

Assalamualaikum! How is everyone doing? Sekejap aje kan, bulan Januari sudah pun berakhir. Sungguh pantas. Lebih-lebih lagi jika setiap hari diisi dengan perkara yang berfaedah. Tahun ini, Alhamdulillah, saya tidak perlu ke empat buah sekolah lagi! Hannah has graduated to Iskandar's school! What a relief!
Oh yes! This year, it's Dania's turn to sit for exam: UPSR! Oh dear! I hope I don't have to take leave again, like I did for Nurin. Seriously, I can't teach her that much! Actually, I can't teach her at all! All I could do is just be there for her. Like, physically be there for her. And, she comes back at 3:30 most days, and I hired tutors for her for her Mandarin, Science and Bahasa Malaysia. Nurin is helping her out for her Math (Science and Math are also in Mandarin). I'm just.. well, her Personal Assistant! Reminding her of her schedules. The conversation would be like: "Dania, you have Ms Wong at 430, Kumon at 6, and Ms Yong at 730 today". She would then go wide eye: "Mama!!!"
Well, some parents I know says I'm overboard when it comes to raising my children. And I choose to ignore. Yes, teaching them to be street smart is much better than being book smart. It's like IQ and EQ. At this point of time, I HAVE TO do all I can so they excel in their studies. It doesn't matter what grades they get at the end of the day, it's how much effort they put into it. Berusaha, then bertawakkal. If they didn't achieve what they aimed for (or I aimed for :-p), do not despair. Allah has better plans for all of us, as He is All-Knowing. So, let us all do the best we can for our kids. Biar menyesal buat, dari menyesal tak buat.
Oh well, the past month, I've been keeping myself busy (besides becoming the aunty bus), with mostly 3D cakes. Most of the 3D cakes are castle cakes. Ada yang nak soft colors, ada yang nak bright rainbow colors.. And also this pirate ship cake.
When Sharina showed me a sample of the cake, it was finished with fondant. And she wanted hers in soft icing; buttercream. Kalau nak guna fondant, sila cari Kak Jun cupcakekasih ya.. In cream is a different challenge altogether. And I'm glad the cake arrived safely, and the birthday boy and his guests loved it! Alhamdulillah...

Castle cake for Putri, Nora's daughter.

.. Aqilah, Yanti's daughter

.. and Areesha, Nik's daughter.

and this teddy cake is for Ayva.

Tak semua 3D, ada juga cake petak and other cakes, but you all mesti dah boring tengok gambar2 tu.. :-p
Till then everyone! Take care!


- AnaK Mak Cik T - said...

Miss ur great tasty cakes...hv to wait til I move back to KL...soonest I hope :)

Mudd said...

wah loike loike the ship shape cake!!


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