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Monday, September 17, 2012


Yes! That's exactly the feeling I had after the UPSR exam was over! Finally! Dania can do whatever she wants. And I'm free from tutoring monitoring her! Hehe..Well, at least for now. Since PMR is no longer in the list for her, I wonder what is. Well, I'll just cross the bridge when I get to it. So now I can concentrate on Nurin's final exam. This is crucial so that she can be placed in the first 2 classes in the form. Last time, I don't bother which class she's in, as long as she gets As. However, I noticed, there is a huge difference being in a good class. Like the teacher confirmed, the good class students always hand in their homework on time. Their attitude towards studying is different. Remember the saying : You are what you read and the people you meet.. Same case!

Anyways, right after UPSR was over, I baked non-stop! I am still banned from baking on Saturdays and Sundays though. So, all Saturday cakes are baked on Fridays. Here are some pics of cakes I did recently:

Ziad's Boxing Gloves. Choc inside. First try ok! Thanks to Ilham for the faith. (I think it'll be nicer if it was covered with fondant. Then, you can see the curves clearly)

Kiki's Fairy. Red Velvet inside. Kiki is a Merdeka baby. 

Daniel's Orange Car.

Kiki's Pink Stars. Rainbow inside. This is to be celebrated with friends at school.

Raisha's Pink Roses. Also rainbow inside. Adilla also ordered Boboy Boi, but not pic not uploaded here. I think pic is available in previous post.

Ilda's daughter, Mya Darina turned 2! Choc inside.

Nana's brother's wedding reception. Pink damask design. 

Zara turned 3. Mommy Farezah bought sparkling candles. Rainbow inside.

Rifqi is Ziad's new cousin. mmm.. trying to remember flavor.. Oh! Butter inside! Half kg. Half size is entertained when there are also orders of the same flavor on the same day.

Afsheen's Strawberry Shortcake. This is 1kg choc. I think 1.5 kg would be nicer, kan? Taller.

Safina and I arranged this together at 10pm+, so that she can arrange this herself for the Grand Dinner for the Pioneer PKP MRSM KULIM 88/89, the next day.

Syima's stacked  cake for September babies. Butter cake inside. I made this smaller. Next time it should be 10" bottom diameter, instead of 9". Wider makes it easier to cut. Faster to cook!

By the way, hehehe... I just realised Blogger has improved A LOT! Dah lama ya? Wow! That's how long I've not been blogging, kan? Last time, I used to resize pictures, then I could only upload 5 at a time. Now, it's all so easy! And the pictures are aligned in the middle by itself. Suka! Suka!

Till then, everyone!
Have a pleasant and productive week ahead!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


For what? Hahaha.. Assalamualaikum everyone.
I was supposed to plan my schedule for the week while waiting for the girls to clear their study table.. and I realized that I haven't been blogging..
Earlier this year, I vowed not to accept orders that would interfere with my tutoring. And guessed what? I failed. Even though Dania's marks improved, but I personally think that I (see the word I and not she!) could do better. So, next month is mid term exam for the children. I'm take time off from baking and focus on them.. Lagi berapa hari je nak UPSR ..  Better be safe than sorry.
I'm pretty diligent (err sometimes) to update my photos in my Facebook Fan Page.. So, most pics are there if not in flickr. I shall re-arrange my blog so that you can see my latest creation straight away. Senang gitu kan? Cuma nak post with stories - aisey .. tak sempat lah.. I apologise ya. So, click on flickr and like my fanpage..

and by the way, a big THANK YOU to everyone who has placed your trust in me to bake cakes for your occasion, who still have faith even though my work aren't perfect. I humbly thank you. And due to your overwhelming orders, I have now ventured in a partnership with a few people to help me with my creations. With Zarina's help, I can now focus on my orders, and have her worry on the figurine department! A wonder woman she is. A marathoner too! Also, Amy for the desserts department. I am getting my cousin in-law, Nurul to get into the candy buffet business. I seriously would like to venture into this area. I am surrounded with cousins and aunties who are great in making all these sweet tooth delicacies. I have also hired a few part-timers to help with my work.. Currently, my full time workers are just Juriah and the machines.. :-).. Masih tiada PA.. hahahaha! Jadi maaf jika email atau SMS lambat dibalas. And sekarang ni, synchronizing orders are my greatest challenge, as there are now many channels: SMS, email, whatsapp, fb- personal and fanpage.. It is a challenge to juggle that and bake at the same time. Seriously takut jika ada yang tertinggal. Makanya, I appreciate your help to remind me via sms a few days before your collection date. Just in case, ya.. I am just human.. :-)

I pray for your well being and success in this world and hereafter.
Take care ya..

Lots of love, Shaz..

Saturday, February 4, 2012

3D Cakes, anyone?

Assalamualaikum! How is everyone doing? Sekejap aje kan, bulan Januari sudah pun berakhir. Sungguh pantas. Lebih-lebih lagi jika setiap hari diisi dengan perkara yang berfaedah. Tahun ini, Alhamdulillah, saya tidak perlu ke empat buah sekolah lagi! Hannah has graduated to Iskandar's school! What a relief!
Oh yes! This year, it's Dania's turn to sit for exam: UPSR! Oh dear! I hope I don't have to take leave again, like I did for Nurin. Seriously, I can't teach her that much! Actually, I can't teach her at all! All I could do is just be there for her. Like, physically be there for her. And, she comes back at 3:30 most days, and I hired tutors for her for her Mandarin, Science and Bahasa Malaysia. Nurin is helping her out for her Math (Science and Math are also in Mandarin). I'm just.. well, her Personal Assistant! Reminding her of her schedules. The conversation would be like: "Dania, you have Ms Wong at 430, Kumon at 6, and Ms Yong at 730 today". She would then go wide eye: "Mama!!!"
Well, some parents I know says I'm overboard when it comes to raising my children. And I choose to ignore. Yes, teaching them to be street smart is much better than being book smart. It's like IQ and EQ. At this point of time, I HAVE TO do all I can so they excel in their studies. It doesn't matter what grades they get at the end of the day, it's how much effort they put into it. Berusaha, then bertawakkal. If they didn't achieve what they aimed for (or I aimed for :-p), do not despair. Allah has better plans for all of us, as He is All-Knowing. So, let us all do the best we can for our kids. Biar menyesal buat, dari menyesal tak buat.
Oh well, the past month, I've been keeping myself busy (besides becoming the aunty bus), with mostly 3D cakes. Most of the 3D cakes are castle cakes. Ada yang nak soft colors, ada yang nak bright rainbow colors.. And also this pirate ship cake.
When Sharina showed me a sample of the cake, it was finished with fondant. And she wanted hers in soft icing; buttercream. Kalau nak guna fondant, sila cari Kak Jun cupcakekasih ya.. In cream is a different challenge altogether. And I'm glad the cake arrived safely, and the birthday boy and his guests loved it! Alhamdulillah...

Castle cake for Putri, Nora's daughter.

.. Aqilah, Yanti's daughter

.. and Areesha, Nik's daughter.

and this teddy cake is for Ayva.

Tak semua 3D, ada juga cake petak and other cakes, but you all mesti dah boring tengok gambar2 tu.. :-p
Till then everyone! Take care!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Back in full speed!

Sorry sangat2 sebab tak sempat nak update blog. So many things have happened.. Dengan yang ambil PMR nya, dengan yang balik kampung sampai 5 bulan nya, dengan minor renovation to the house nya.. dengan mr hubby's policy : "No maid, no bake" nya.. Apa nak dikata.
Alhamdulillah, everything falls back in place in October. Juriah arrived on 9/10 and Nurin's exam finished on 11/10. Terus I accept orders you! Rasa rindu tak terkira dengar bunyi mixer yang bingit itu. Hehehe..
Anyways, this is a short post to say I'm baking again. I've actually accepted orders last month, but I didn't have the time to update my blog.
New flavors: Red Velvet, Oreo, Coffee (perfected), Rainbow (takla new kan? This is so last year,.. Iskandar dah nak celebrate again his birthday next month.)
New designs: Stack cakes, Castle cakes.
New Pictures: dah lama tak snap guna my dslr. Asyik guna phone aje, and terus upload to my personal facebook. Nanti I upload dalam Mama Chak's Recipe Facebook ya. Dah lama juga tak masukkan dalam flickr. Entah laku lagi ke tak account itu.. Note to self: check flickr account.
New pricing and Upgraded ingredients.. Don't worry, still affordable. Tersangat affordable. :-)
As you can see in my FYI box, sudah sendat for this weekend. But do text juga, sbb kadang2 boleh selit2 lagi for adhoc parties gitu. May not be able to answer phone calls.
Hari Isnin, hari lari2 sana sini beli ingredients.
Hari Selasa, hari tungkus lumus balut ice cream cones for the castle turrets.. and buat nama2..
Anyways, I would like to leave you with some pictures to feast your eyes..

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Iskandar's Birthday

Yeah! Last year! Hik hik hik! I actually wanted to update my time slots here, and realised that I've not been blogging for a while. There's not even a post in March! Ceh! Just 2 posts this year? So, I decided to write something quick. But a post without pictures is pretty dull. And I am just tired (and plain lazy) to find good pictures. You know, the best picture that would show the best angles and all. So, I found Iskandar's birthday pictures that was supposed to be last year's post.. Hehehe.. Oh well! Better than nothing, eh? My only boy, my third child with two older sisters and two younger sisters, my jantung hati, my favourite boy (of course!), Mas Zahid Iskandar turned 4, 4th December 2010.
We did a celebration at his playschool, as well as at home since my mom's siblings were all gathered in KL for Azizul's (my cousin) wedding.
Nurin took care of the goody bags.. DIY paper bags made from envelopes. I love the content of the goody bag. I didn't spend much.. But in my budget (yang ciput itu), I managed to squeeze in a box of 12 color pencils (Thanks Mydin! Buy in bulk!), a coloring book (downloaded coloring pictures from the internet, and sent for photocopy. Thanks Nurin! Of course! Who else?) and all those sweet tooth stuffs..
Dania helped present the cake to the birthday boy that morning.
He wanted a cake rumah salji (his actual words) with santa clause! I think it was because he saw the house cake pan Nurin gave me for my birthday, which shows the many ways to decorate the house pan. I replaced with clown instead.. (honestly, tak de clown pun.. and he asked, mana orang? :-p)
Iskandar and I at his school..
And this was Iskandar's cake later that evening. We are party animals, indeed! The easiest design I could do was the clowns.. The challenge was to think which clown sits where and holds what.. :-) . I have more different angles actually taken with my phone. But, I accidentally erased all of the pics from my phone, when I intelligently tried to update my phone's software. All contacts were gone too! My cousin Azril, told me to stick to baking, and not do anymore IT stuffs!
I wanted to experiment on the interior design of the cakes. 1st, a rainbow cake. And the other one, a heart inside the cake. Ini Lady Myra yang suruh saya test. However, the heart shaped tak jadi! Nampak macam a lip shaped inside the cake, kan? My cousin, Zarina kata, aci aje tu.. ! :-) The challenge of the interior design of the cake is that I will not know how it looks like until I cut it! So, surprise ya dapat lips ke, heart ke..
For the rainbow, I purposely did pastel colors, because I knew very well that my relatives (especially yang dah ada cucu tu) are so afraid of food coloring. Takut benor nak makan strong colorful color cakes. I bet some of your relatives are like mine too. So, I would normally ask, mau pelangi terang, or mau pelangi lembut.. I've done a pelangi terang for a customer. Also informed her that I would like a picture of how it looks like in the inside, but I guess she is too busy to send the picture to show me.
And, did you notice that Iskandar's cakes were all about the weather. We had the snow house cake, the rainbow cake, and the label on his goody bag was a sunny day!
and oh! I won't be writing in another month, I think.. I'll be actively baking (which I'm not supposed to do), and managing my children. I would diligently post pictures in my facebook page. Senang gitu! Snap and upload. So, latest pictures banyak di situ ya.
Till then everyone! Take care!

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